The Little Things…

I am fully immersed in Dossier collection.  It is not that much…but ours is a bit complicated due to being self-employed and having to secure additional letters, financial documents, etc.  We also have to use our 2010 tax return so that has added another dimension to the project.  The last bank statements arrived on Thursday so taxes are my project for the coming days.  Truthfully, I am delighted to have to get them done now.  We had hoped to have the dossier on the way to our facilitator by now, but hopefully by this time next week.  We do all we can and trust God with the timing.

I am always amazed at how God gives confirmation when we need it most.  Most often they are very little things, but such an encouragement when I need it most.

On Thursday I headed downtown to secure the deeds to our home and the PVA info for square footage verification.  I found an available parking space within a couple of blocks, pulled out my change for the parking meter and stuck it in my pocket, gathered my things and stepped out to feed the meter and be on my way.  I punched the button for the space to the left to check the time remaining on the meter and was delighted when it showed 1 hour and 27 minutes!!  What a nice blessing from the Lord and gift from the person before me.

I found my way across a lovely park to the old Courthouse building, went through security, and up to the deed room.   It was a magnificent, vast, old place…open two stories with huge marble columns.  As I soaked up the loveliness of the building the lady called out that she could take the next in line so I stepped up and stated my business.

“I need certified copies of the deed to our home for a foreign adoption dossier.”

“Are you adopting from Russia?”


Her eyes and entire face lit up and she responded in the most delightful accent, “I am from KYEV, UKRAINE!!”

What a delightful lady!!  We chatted while she prepared the documents.  It was such an encouragement that she was so thrilled that we were adopting children from her beautiful country.  She has been in the US since 1992 but when I asked she quickly responded that she misses her beautiful city…and that I was going to love it.  I am sure she is right.

She told me to call anytime, she would be happy to answer any questions and gave me the number for the phone that rings on her desk.  I still wonder if I should have asked her if she’d like an after-work tutoring job teaching us Russian.  🙂

After my visit to the PVA and securing all the needed documents, I headed back to my parking space.  Curious, I pushed the button on the meter as I passed by…2 minutes remaining…thank you Lord!!

We continue to pray for God to lead us to the children He has for us.  There are still many uncertainties but we are at peace that when we need to know He will make the way clear.

Thank you to each of you who have been such an encouragement, we covet your prayers and support.



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