One Day At A Time

I love that song…

One day at a time sweet Jesus

That’s all I’m asking from you.

Just give me the strength

To do everyday what I have to do.

Yesterday’s gone sweet Jesus

And tomorrow may never be mine.

Lord help me today, show me the way

One day at a time.

Truthfully…it is one minute at a time.  Our ABF class lesson on Sunday focused on resting in our relationship with Jesus…not trying to figure out what we need to do to work for Him today.  Living in communion with Him.

While we have both been Christians since we were children and have tried to follow Christ, living every minute following the Holy Spirit’s lead has been intense and life-changing the past 12 years.  Each change that has come in our lives has been so huge that it has been one continuous faith walk.  We never have any idea what the Lord is going to do or call us to do.  We pray without ceasing, listen for His still small voice and then act or wait according to His call.

Farming teaches you to be flexible and live with uncertainty.  A thriving crop can be destroyed in a 15 minute unforecasted hail storm.  And with it goes the income needed to pay the home bills as well as the farm bills.  We’ve always known this life of uncertainty intimately.   Adoption makes it more vivid…children’s lives are staked on the outcome.

Before the start of this school year, the youngest boy of the siblings was moved from the orphanage in his hometown, where his sisters are, to an orphanage in another city, 4 hours by bus.  October 7, he became very ill and paralysis resulted.  The diagnosis is Gullain Barre’, which has an excellent prognosis but a long recovery time, up to one year.  The feeling in his arms and hands returned quickly but below his knees has been slow to return.  He has recently begun to walk again with assistance.  In the early weeks he was moved to the large hospital in his hometown where our facilitator lives.  She has taken him food and visited with him many times each week and been an incredible blessing to him and to us.  We learned today that on short notice he was moved back to the hospital in the distant city so she will no longer be able to visit him.  We can only imagine his sadness.  She had truly become his lifeline.  We cannot adopt him from a hospital so this has become a consideration in the timing of the trip.  His sisters are likely uninterested in adoption, so separation, which we so hoped to avoid, is another issue.  In this region they require every sibling in the orphanage system to sign agreeing for one to be adopted.

We have also known from the beginning that our employment was a potential concern in the approval process.  Most tax returns they receive show certain income levels and are accompanied with employment letters from companies.  Our situation is very different and likely more stable but they may not understand the US tax code and that a tax return reveals little to nothing of a person’s true ability to provide for a family.  Again we give it to God, He will handle this.  There is nothing we can do today to change this situation.  We pray for wisdom and understanding for the officials who make these decisions and will be at peace with the outcome, even if it means delaying the submission of our dossier.

We pray for the strength to do what God would have us do this minute…this hour…this day.  That is all we need to do…the next thing.  We’ll keep you posted as this unfolds in the coming weeks.



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