Still waiting for word on whether the financial situation will be approved.  We hope to learn more on Monday.

The dossier paperwork is all complete ~ except for 2 documents awaiting the reply that they are ready to print ~ everything is ready for a road trip to notarize, authenticate and apostille.  That should be an adventure!!  These are all new words to us…all for official stamps that say it is all for real.  We have learned alot. Many thanks to each of you who have coached and shared and mentored us through this process.

A few months ago our minister said if you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and follow, God will call you to something totally unexpected…and then make it your passion.   We nearly jumped from our seats to shout “AMEN!!”  We are walking proof…He called and adoption is now our passion.  Once the precious faces of these children were branded onto our hearts and we knew God was calling we will never be the same.

So we wait…and vow to do everything possible to make this happen…not for us…for them and for Christ…for them to know Christ.  That is our passion.  I wish I could show you their faces and the faces of their friends who long for families to love them, God would call you to be forever changed and passionate about them too.

So we wait…relatively patiently…and stay very busy.  There is much to do!!  Thank you to each of you who ask how it is going, how the little guy is and pray for God’s will to be done…we covet each prayer and word of encouragement.


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