On It’s Way!!!

What a journey and learning experience this has been.  We had no idea notary’s signatures could be certified and that certifying deputy clerks were verified and that all these official seals existed.  But they do and we can now tell you all about it.  It is alot of work but oh, what a feeling of relief to entrust that box to the gentleman at FedEx Office.

I should have taken photos of the notaries notarizing and court clerks certifying.  Everyone has been so helpful and kind and seemed excited to have a little part in bringing these children home.  It has been such a blessing to share the story in 3 County Courthouses and our State Capitol through this week’s journey.

Yesterday I finally took the camera for the big day ~ Secretary of State Apostilles.


~ Our State Capitol from my Parking Space ~

The first amazing thing was getting this parking space on a day our state legislature is in session.  I was prepared to park blocks away.  God has specialized in blessing us in parking spaces in recent weeks.

~ Entering the Secretary of State's Office...wow this feels official!! ~


~ The wonderful young lady, she was a delight and had such a heart for adoption, checking the Notary Certifications ~

~ Applying the Top Seals ~

~ Stacks of Completed Documents, she allowed me to apply the bottom seals, it was fun!! ~

~ All Ready to Go ~


The lady doing the apostilles said every family who sits in that chair expresses the same emotions…exhausted but so thrilled to be there.  It is an amazing feeling…of relief…of it being so official…of it being finished after so much investment of time and money.  Incredible.  When I handed that precious box that represents our children’s hope for freedom and the love of a family to the gentleman at FedEx Office at 6:20 last night (Thursday, 2/10/11) I wanted to tell him to mark Fragile on it…that it was priceless…

An online map tracks that special parcel and it arrived in Paris at 12:30 p.m today our time…amazingly quick.  It has to pass through customs so time seems to have stopped on the tracker.  Our prayer is that it arrives in Kiev on Monday…if not, God is working on a different time plan and we are at peace if the submission appointment has to be moved to a later date.

We have done all we can to follow…the rest is up to Him.  Our earnest prayer is that He will make the way straight to the children He has for us.  That we will feel His presence and direction each step of the way.  I have a bit more work to do scanning documents to send our facilitator for translation and then sorting and filing it all away and this season will be complete.  Our focus will quickly shift to preparing our home for the children’s arrival and for our travel.  Amazing…just amazing…

Soli Deo Gloria!!  Glory to  God Alone!!



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