We have just experienced a miracle from the Lord this morning…on the FedEx website our dossier shows “released from customs” in the city of its destination at 10:40 a.m. (their time) with an expected delivery date of Wednesday, February 2/16, but not even out for delivery.

At 2:52 p.m. (their time) our facilitator emailed the following:

Can you imagine, I am holding you documents right now. Just 30 seconds ago I have got it. God is always good and is in time.

Our submission appointment is tomorrow…we all thought it would have to be moved to another week but she held out on changing it…she just kept believing it would get there in time.  They only take dossier submissions for this age for a few hours on Tuesdays.  We are all blown away…and maybe really getting it how much this is God’s thing…and how very much He loves the orphans and desires to place them in families now.

This has never been our idea or about us…truthfully, we fought it at first…with a really good argument, you would have been really impressed.  The reasons to wait still remain, and the list is long and convincing, but He was persistent and now it is our passion, even while things are still far from “in order” in our lives. We are beginning to see that until we are obedient and follow His call things will never be in order and right.  This is His will for our lives…to go…to be changed…to expect Him to provide what is needed…on time.

We need your prayers for more miracles…we learned last night while skyping with new friends (thanks so much Cindy and Eric 🙂 that the process from dossier submission to travel is FAST!! Really fast…we will likely get our appointment date in 10 days after submission (yeah, that is only 11 days from now) and the appointment date will be about 8 days from that!!! That could be by March 7…wow…in our world that is the blink of an eye.

If God can call us from where we were 18 months ago to this place of anticipation and delight and can pluck that parcel of precious documents out of the pile and hand deliver it to our facilitator to be submitted on time, He can handle this with ease.  We’re ready!!

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