A New Season

Earlier this week we moved from the Completion of the Paperwork Season into The Season of Travel and Meeting the Children.   It is truly as different and refreshing as spring is following a long cold winter.  It is an awesome place to be…there is a peace and anticipation that is indescribable as we watch for what God is preparing.

God began to impress upon us the need to pray passionately for wisdom for the children.  That seems an odd prayer for a young person in a totally authoritarian environment who may not know what wisdom is.  Other than choosing obedience over disobedience, these young people have likely never had the opportunity to make decisions greater than which color sweater to pull from the pile of donated clothes the church group heaped inside the front door of the orphanage.  In a few weeks they are going to make a huge, life-changing decision and they need immeasurable wisdom.

This has never been about us going to do something wonderful for these poor, pitiful children.  This is not about sympathy, that will work no better in adoption than it will in marriage.  This is about believing that if they say yes, that they will live and own that decision every day. That they will move into the future with great expectation and a lit spark to make a difference in the world.  We really believe in them.   Truly believe from the bottom of our hearts that they can understand what we share with them about the reality of life in a family in America.  The true America.  Not a make believe place where all is Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World as alot of the world dreams it.  We are as patriotic Americans as you will find and we believe this country is incredible.  But like everything else on this side of heaven, it is not perfect, nor are we.  We want to be honest about the great things and the not-so-great.

We are praying for our talk with them about the enormity of this decision.  Every child 8 and over has to write a letter stating their desire to be adopted by the family and speak in court.  We want them to know what they are agreeing to.  No surprises.  No false “dating” lures.  This is for life and for real.  Of course we think they should all come, that everyone needs a family, and they do, but at nearly 16 and 17, what is God’s plan for their lives?  What will be best for them?  God’s best for them is our only desire.  And if that requires them to say “no” to us, we will be at peace and know God has another plan for us.

They need wisdom far beyond their years or experience that can only come from the Lord.  That is our earnest prayer for this week…that He will fill them with His grace, wisdom and discernment.  This is not about us…it is about each of them and that they know Jesus and are in the center of His will for their lives.

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