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One of the most awesome things we’ve found on the web is Swagbucks.  You earn bucks randomly when you search online through their search engine (powered by Google) and with codes and other ways to earn.  This month we are celebrating 2 years as members and have earned a total of $300 in Amazon gift cards absolutely free!!

Now is a great time to join as they have bonus bucks for new members in celebration of their 3rd Birthday on Monday.  You get the usual 30 Swagbucks for signing up here, then enter the code 3rdBirthday115 to get 50 bonus Swagbucks for a total of 80 Swagbucks just for joining!

One way you could really help us with adoption expenses is to join Swagbucks through our referral code above and then search away!!  If you don’t use or any of the prizes Swagbucks offers, we would welcome your gift card codes as gifts.

Every Friday is Mega-Swagbucks Day and the earnings and frequency of winning are higher.  Monday will be a great day with many codes and high bucks to win when you search.

To get the most from Swagbucks follow this step by step tutorial after you sign up:

Download the plug-in from this page and make swagbucks your default search engine.  We go to every online site through Swagbucks and it is amazing how often we win!!

As soon as you have enough bucks for the prize you want to claim, shop the Swag Store on the homepage at and claim the prize.  It takes 7 days to receive the email notification that it is available to redeem. gift cards come as a code.  We apply the gift card code to our account as soon as they arrive.  When we make an purchase the gift card is automatically deducted from the total.  We used $80 last week ordering needed items for travel for our adoption.

You can earn 5 additional swagbucks each day:
Having the toolbar ~ 1 Swagbuck  ~ download from

From the Earn tab on the toolbar click on:

1)  Daily Poll ~ 1 Swagbuck ~ Answer the question and click Vote.
2)  Trusted Surveys ~ 1 Swagbuck just for opening the page.  You can earn additional      bucks for taking the surveys but we rarely qualify for them.
3)  NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers) ~ 2 Swagbucks  ~ Click Skip or See Next Offer at the bottom of each page (approx. 5 pages) and enter the phrase in the box on the last page.

Additional Swagbucks can be earned from codes found on the Swagbucks Blog and on the Toolbar on the tab From TSG.   In recent weeks some of the best Groupon and Social Living deals ($20 gift card for $10 and $20 Barnes and Noble Gift Card for $10) have been attached to great Swagbucks bonuses if you went to those sites from the Swagbucks homepage.  There are loads of other great deals; 900 Swagbucks for subscribing to a trial of Netflix, earning Swagbucks for watching short advertising videos, and on and on, all found on the Swagbucks Home Page.

Lastly share your referral code and recruit your friends and family.  When they search and win you do too!

We have never had any problems with spam, viruses, etc. from Swagbucks, just great rewards to spend on things we need!!

Always looking for ways to save and earn so we can bless others…

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