Two Weeks and Two Days

March 16, 2011 at Noon…two weeks and two days from today until our first official in-country appointment.  The official date arrived today and we are so thankful for this timing.  Some families have received their appointments in very short time with short notice to travel so we are very thankful to have this time to prepare.

If you have tips for great deals on airline tickets, please share.  I am scouring the internet and they range widely in price so we will add prayers for good stewardship to the list.

For those of you new to this journey, here is what happens from here…we plan to fly out on Sunday, the 13th, and arrive on Monday, the 14th.  Tuesday will be for rest and some grace in the schedule for travel delays.  Wednesday will be the appointment with the government office in charge of all adoptions.  As we understand, when you have an identified child this goes very smoothly and is fairly brief.  The rest of the day Wednesday and most of Thursday will be free time to see the city or hopefully find an opportunity to serve.

Late in the day Thursday we will receive our referral, a packet of official paperwork that gives us permission to meet the children at their orphanages.  That evening or the following morning we will travel to their city.  There are two travel options; an overnight train (12 hour trip in a sleeping compartment) or by plane.  Generally the airline is much more expensive but they have some special deals that may make it a reasonable option.

On Friday, the 18th, we will meet with the government officials over adoption in the city of the orphanage, then the orphanage director and finally meet the children if all goes as is customary.  We continue to pray for clear direction regarding the children, that is very uncertain.  But, we know that God will reveal His plan in His time.

In these two weeks we are doing as all parents do in anticipation of the arrival of new children, preparing the nest.  Wallpaper stripping, repairs, paint, and loads of special touches will be done to their rooms to prepare a welcoming, restful place for them.

The parallels in our relationship and salvation through Christ to adoption are poweful reminders of what Christ has done for us.  We are preparing and going for them, but they will make the final decision whether to accept our free gift of a new life and the love of family.   We covet your prayers for wisdom, strength to do the job before us, wisdom for the children and good stewardship of the resources God has entrusted to us.

We will keep you updated as our plans are finalized and the nest is feathered!!

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6 Responses to Two Weeks and Two Days

  1. KC & Tori says:

    Great news! You know we will be following. We flew KLM both times and they were a nice airline with reasonable prices.

  2. Golden Rule Travel – they specialize in adoption travel. We used points from UA, but had some difficulty in changing reservations, especially if over one month (they wanted to charge us $350 since it was over a one month stay in addition to the $250 change fee). It is very difficult(at least for us) to determine the exact return date, therefore there may be additional fees. Obtaining a one-way ticket for your child will be very expensive too. We wish we would have booked our flights initially through Golden Rule to guide us through all the fine details about making the reservations.

  3. Christa Graham says:

    Yea! Praise God!

  4. Another vote for Golden Rule. Ask for Annie. She’ll help you out! Her email is and she usually will get you quotes the same day you contact her. Praying for a good deal!

  5. Tina Bell says:

    I second Golden Rule Travel. They were great and very kind. Good luck on your journey.

  6. Lynn Loecher says:

    WOO HOO… We used Golden Rule and loved them. When we were coming home on 1 days notice Tim called left message at 6 am and we had our tickets before 8 am. But that was almost a year ago and in the travel world lots has changed. But I will say be careful with oneway fares now that the gas has done what it is. It could be $100 Gal hehehe.
    If you have a few mins call you will not believe what has happened.

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