The Thick of the Battle

We cannot share all the details but are recruiting God’s army to pray.

Our little guy’s adoption is up against a giant.  We know our God loves the orphan and can win this war.  We pray passionately that God will free this precious child to his forever family and this battle will be victorious, won by the God of the Universe who holds each one in the palm of his hand.

We should learn the outcome within a few days.  We are doing well physically but are heavy-hearted for his destiny.  Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and for peace as we rest in the assurance that only God’s will, will be done.

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7 Responses to The Thick of the Battle

  1. Lynn Loecher says:

    So we made the news because we wore white before Memorial Day. I can’t wait to hear how you are making news. E-mail me the details dying to know.

  2. colleen says:

    I truly hope everything goes well for you. But in the event things don’t work out the way you planned, keep your heart open to other orphans. All children need and deserve a family.

  3. Matt Garrett says:

    Hi you guys. Matt here. I’m in Izmail, alone this time and have been up against things as well. Tonight, out of no where, I broke out sobbing because I miss my wife and I’m alone in Ukraine. Today was a nightmare of standing in rain, 15 hours in the car, walking through mud, not eating, etc. I could go on and on, but let me be completely honest: this process saves lives. Saving lives from Satan who previously thought he was dragging these kids straight to hell on the rope of circumstance. You do not let go of that rope now that you have taken hold…you DO NOT LET GO! It may not turn out like YOU thought it would or wanted to, but if you believe what you read, write, blog, hear in church and discuss then you ought to know it will, indeed, turn out exactly like the Lord wants it to. Adopting from these places is trench warfare in a large, spiritual battle. It is not, “Resort Adoption”, it is search and rescue from the outer gates of hell. Do not romanticize this process or set expectations-you are a tool, a vessel and a platform upon which the Lord will work out His will, not yours, not mine or anyone else’s for that matter. It’s messy. I will pray, so will others, but like Jesus did, “…not my will, but yours…” . We commune, remembering just how messy that process was…be determined, focused, resistant. And I can say this, I’ve done it and am doing it. It blows!!

  4. Eric & Cindy says:

    If you need to “chat” shoot us an email–we can Skype. We made it through the separation process with Dema, but there were many days with heavy hearts!


  5. Eric & Cindy says:

    If you need to “chat” shoot us an email and we can Skype–We made it through the separation process with Dema, but it was a difficult time with many days of heavy hearts and worry!


  6. Christa Graham says:

    Amen! Matt! We adopted almost 2 years ago from Ukraine, and it was truly like living in hell itself. We spent almost 4 years fighting for our daughter while the “powers that be” fought to hold her hostage and continue their inhuman and tortuous abuse of her. Her life was threatened, our lives were threatened, and our names were smeared. It was not an easy road, and still is not easy, but so very worth it, to see our daughter have a chance at life. On the hard days, I remember the faithfulness of God and how much He loved this little girl. Enough to make a stubborn family refuse to give her up! Keep fighting, Long family! You have an army of prayer warriors and the Lord on your side!

    Christa in NC

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