We’re on the Move!!

Wow!!  Things happen fast here!  As you know from the last post, our paperwork got a ride on the train overnight to Kiev.  It was submitted today and at 5 pm we learned that our SDA appointment for our second referral is tomorrow!!  That sent us all into high motion to be packed and ready to leave for the train station in two hours.  But it came to a screeching halt when we learned there was not one ticket available in either class.  A rare occasion from Simferopol to Kiev and they have no idea why but sold out.  That was actually a blessing as we had just come in from the market with a few essentials for a meal or two so we get to use them up before we depart.

Some quick scouting located plane tickets departing at 7:05 am tomorrow morning and arriving in Kiev at 8:25 am.  So, we’re off to repack for airport security and get a few zzz’s before we head out again.

Our letter is translated, the photo is printed and all is ready to join our little guy’s letter and be delivered or mailed tomorrow.  God is in control and we have done all we can do for now.

Thank you for the most powerful comments on the past two posts…God has placed each of you in our lives to build us up and keep our eyes on Him in this journey.  We never lose hope that He is going to do something big…and we can’t wait!!  This was not our idea in the first place so we are just joyful observers in this journey…and what a journey!!  We are not sure what tomorrow holds, but we know without a doubt Who holds tomorrow and that is all we need to know!!

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3 Responses to We’re on the Move!!

  1. Vicky Tygart says:

    Congratulations!! I hope this new process goes much smoother than the first one and that you will bond with these children and know for certain if they are yours.

  2. kristen says:

    Praying for good news with the letters. Hope you are well. We know 1st hand how hard the waiting can be.

  3. Matt Garrett says:

    WOW! Is right. I told you, “You’ll have all the good stories”. Nothing taught in church, discussed in small groups or drawn from scripture can compare, prepare or instill the experience of this process-NOTHING! The range of emotions, the lessons taught, the things you find yourself agreeing to, learning from, frustrated over, capable of doing, etc. is priceless. God loves to take those who are willing & remove them from their boxes. Being out my country and element really does paint a picture of just what Jesus endured for His time here-to me-it’s the same thing. He was so ready to come home in the garden and found the tickets to Heaven all sold out. Strange; God had plenty of them available in the past and turned His back and refused to issue that particular one…He had a job to finish….thank God, huh? Hang in there, I know…

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