Gifts to Us

~ An Angel Gift to Us Today from an Angel ~

Wow!!  We met the three siblings (girls 16 and 15, boy 13) today and what wonderful kids!!  It was incredible and we are looking forward to spending the afternoon with them tomorrow.

In our initial official meeting with the children and director, the younger girl, age 15, presented us with this beautiful gift!!  She loves to do crafts and had made this from a piece of glass with the image drawn in permanent marker and the color is applied to the reverse side with clay.  It is stunning!!  We were so delighted and will cherish this lovely gift.

We are staying in a wonderful apartment at the Ukraine Bible Institute just outside of Donetsk, close to the children.  One of the things we have hoped to do while in the country is connect with college students studying English…and God secures housing for us in a college dormitory.  As an added blessing we now have cable internet so we can skype!!  We never cease to be amazed at His provision and look forward to learning more about this ministry.

Keep praying for the little guy in the hospital to whom the Inspector says no to a family.  He is forever imprinted on our hearts and we are watching expectantly for what God will do.

It is really late and we are beyond sleep deprived so signing off for now but more to come.

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2 Responses to Gifts to Us

  1. Sally Healy says:

    Maybe she thinks you and Barney are the angels coming to get them. 🙂 I think you are! What a beautiful gift she gave to you today, and what an incredible gift you are to them, Lord willing! Praying, praying, praying…

  2. Aimee Garrett says:

    Beautiful !! I am stilll praying. I hope to hear more about these kids soon. It is always a plus when the kids really want to be with a family. Of course I am lifitng up Amir too, praying he does not loose hope and that God will work on the hearts of these officals makig the decisions. Try to Sleep! Matt is up writing to me too, can’t sleep. So happy to be home where I CAN sleep.
    Love to you both

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