Kiev Re-run

We arrived safely in Kiev yesterday and had a rerun appointment at the SDA.  The only difference was the many workers who came by to share their sorrow at the refusal of separation for our little guy.  It was touching, these ladies really do care about these children and were grieved that this was refused.

We learned that his separation is totally legal by Ukraine law and we will continue to fight to the end.

We will travel to Donetsk later today and our next post will be from this Southeastern area of Ukraine.

God Bless you all for partnering with us in this incredible journey!

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5 Responses to Kiev Re-run

  1. kristen says:

    So did your letter and request for separation work?

  2. Kelly & Tori says:

    Be sure to meet with the Tarkovich family while in Donetsk. You will like Donetsk.

    • Us says:

      Donetsk is really beautiful and so obviously more affluent than other areas. It is cool too because it is a coal mining town and my grandparents lived in one of these areas in Kentucky.
      Could you email the info on connecting with the Tarkovich family, please. We love meeting every possible person while we are here!!

  3. Caroline says:

    I jumped straight to his separation is totally legal by Ukraine law!!!! That’s fantastic!! I’m praying with you as you fight for your boy. Looking forward to hearing about your first meeting with the sibling group too! 😀

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