Honor Where Honor is Due

Having visited 3 orphanages in 2 weeks we were stunned by the incredible home the dear ladies in Makeevka are providing these precious children.  The building is meticulously clean, the playground is inviting and in great repair and their passion and love for the children is heart-warming.

These children each need homes and families, we are not negating that at all but just wanted to publicly give a huge round of applause for a job well done, that everyone wishes never needed doing.  ((((((((((((((((((clap, clap, clap)))))))))))))))))))

Another evidence of the difference was in the motivation of the children.  Most children we have met in orphanages stare blankly when we ask about their interests or goals for their future.  These 3 children shared with a spark in their eye and we were amazed when they began to speak with confidence…

The oldest girl, 16 in October of 2010, is very academic.   She studies hard and is in the top in her class at the public school she attends.  She loves to sing and dance and had the lead in the school play yesterday which we were most disappointed to have missed.  😦  She enjoys doing origami and reading.  Her goal is to be a judge and they tell us that she reads any book on the law that she can find.  Amazing!!!

The second girl, 15 in October of 2010, loves small children and doing crafts.  Those of you who have known Marie since childhood are saying, “awwwww…”  She would like to be a teacher and has a ready, sweet smile and a gentle demeanor.  She too loves to sing and dance and they all love the programs they do at school and at their orphanage.  We are anxious to see her interact with the little ones (ages 2 and up) who share her current home.

The youngest, a boy, 13 in late September of 2010, loves animals.  He has had hamsters, raised the young and sold them to the local pet store, already a businessman.  🙂  His plans are to become a veterinarian.  If you’ve seen the photo of Barney with the rescued pup in the previous post or know him, you know he and this boy are of kindred spirit.  He told us of a litter of 3 pups behind the orphanage that he feeds his meat to each day.  It is a gentle, kind spirit that values and protects the life of an animal.  He also enjoys singing and dancing in their programs.  We are most anxious to see the program they promise to perform for us.

These 3 children truly desire a family and have for many years.  They are precious and we are so honored to be considered as potential parents for them.  We are looking forward to our second visit today.  They say they love to play Twister, this should make for some great photo ops!!  🙂

We covet your prayers as we seek the Lord’s wisdom and discernment in every minute and step we take.

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5 Responses to Honor Where Honor is Due

  1. colleen says:

    These children were meant to be part of your family! I am so so happy for you and for them. You will see that when you go home that you will start advocating for the others left behind. There are so so many wonderful children in Ukraine who need and want parents.

  2. This is starting to look more like a plan with divine intentions. I’ll be interested to see how all this goes. Off-topic: “Thou shalt not covet”. Certainly that can’t apply to coveting prayers, can it. I love the request. Your post is oozing with faith-love that!

  3. Lynn Loecher says:

    I remembr a talk we had one Thursday morning when I told you GOD would take you to who he would have you to become part of your family, that yoou did not have to know who you were getting. Blind adoptions are truely depending upon Him. I think he has. It sounds like they are the perfect match for y’all. Can’t wait to see Twister pics. hehehe

  4. Cindy Meiners says:

    Wow. I can’t wait to hear more! It is so amazing to see how God directs our families! I am anxiously awaiting each message from you. What a blessing for the children to be older and for you to be able to hear from their hearts. What a difference that can make for all of you. We are continuing to pray for God’s perfect will to be accomplished through you and Barney. To God be the glory! Love you all! Cindy

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