Passion for Those Who Wait

One of the things that has touched us most in this journey is the passion international adoptive families have for the children they meet and must leave behind.  From the earliest days of this journey others who have walked this path have been so gracious to talk with us and they always say, “I know a wonderful boy/girl/sibling group in …. if you would be interested in hearing about them.”  Knowing that God’s plans might be different on the front line of the battle than they appeared from home base, we always welcomed those photos and any info they could share.

A few weeks before we traveled we posted the uncertainty of the girls interest and fit for our family in the original sibling group.  Within 24 hours our inbox was full of photos and pleas for consideration for precious children.  It was staggering.  The photos and stories never end…how many of these children can there be?  Alot…we are seeing a few of them and we are moved by the overwhelming need for families to open their hearts and homes to these precious children who have no family at no fault of their own.

We printed off photos, full names, location, and every detail we could secure of every child that had been shared with us and also saved them to our flash drive that makes every move we do.  We have always been open to the Lord’s direction to the children He has for our family.  If you’ve been following along you know the story of how this has unfolded and through the chain of events it became obvious which children we were to pursue.

The children we began paperwork for today will become a part of our family, Lord willing, due to a mother’s passion who adopted two girls from their orphanage two years ago.  As only the Lord can orchestrate, one week before we left home she saw a comment I made on another family’s blog and it linked her to ours.  She read the story and when she saw the post about the uncertainty of the children she emailed us with a note about these 3 siblings and a link to her blog where she had done a post on them.

They were included on our list of recommended children and as they say…the rest is history.

We could not have dreamed of three siblings as sweet and perfectly matched to our family.  It is beyond amazing. Today we had several hours with them and the oldest girl brought her school books and grades for us to see.  She talked to us totally in English…we had no idea she knew this much.  Then we got out the English book we brought to work with them and she cruised through page after page sounding out words and matching them to the drawings of each word.  Her sister jumped aboard also and wrote the alphabet over many times and did really well.  The little guy was excited about learning to write his new name in English and all three of them are trying hard to pronounce English words we encounter as we play together.

Last night the oldest girl called our facilitator to be sure we got home safely.  Tonight she called her while we were all peering at the frozen verinicki and tortellini (sold by the pound here!!) to ask her to tell us they love us.

And for when they read this in a few months…we love you too!! And we are so thankful God led us to the three of you…He is so good.

The prayer request for the coming days is for the court process.  Nothing is certain until the judge says it is approved.  And of course, for the little guy alone in the hospital in Kerch…God has a mountain to move there that we can neither see around or over…but we know that if it is His plan, He will move it in His time.

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One Response to Passion for Those Who Wait

  1. Matt Garrett says:

    The willingness to adapt is proving most useful and appropriate for your situation. Having gone into this with open hearts and minds, it would appear the Lord is pleased to present and bless your efforts with those who will fit. While you may give all thanks and worship to God, He can only do this with those worth of receiving that blessing. Recall the servant who had 10 shillings. Your faith and actions are complimenting each other. God must be having an, “adoptiongasm”!!! 🙂

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