They Don’t Go Home…

I spent my growing up years at every camp, 4-H workshop, bus trip to anywhere, you name it.  I loved to be on the go, learning and doing and am so thankful for my Mom who sacrificed much to make those opportunities possible for me.  Barney was on every trip to wherever for land judging or a convention that FFA or 4-H offered too.

We laughed when we got to Ukraine expecting primitive conditions and found our accommodations far superior to my 3 years as a paid staff member at 4-H camp.  🙂  All that packing up and going and doing really prepared us for this.  God is always piecing our lives together one puzzle piece at a time and we see how He has been preparing us for this our entire lives.

We shared last week how incredibly wonderful this orphanage is, and after a week we would like to give that an additional shout out.  The staff are kind to the children, giving frequent hugs or tossling hair.  The building is well maintained, pleasant, clean and the most like home you can imagine.  They do much with what I am sure is very little.  The children are happy, meticulous, and very polite and kind to each other.  They thank us and each other for everything done for or given to them.  It is a wonderful place to be.

They have loads of games and crafts and enjoy each other doing productive learning activities.  It is much like the life of learning that we cultivate in our home.  I was in my glory today playing UNO with a circle of kids in one room and then cutting paper for the Cranes for Japan for a group in the other room.  It was grand!!  Just like 4-H Camp or a church sleepover…

UNO is a favorite and becomes a team sport!!

Making Origami Cranes to Help Children in Japan

But then it hit me…these children never go home.  Never.  They don’t go home to a Momma and Dad to tell the stories of their fun week at camp and show all they made and did.  There is no Momma and Dad to tell or to care.  There should be.  And there could be.  But there is not.  For many reasons that don’t really matter.   All that really matters is that we need loads more Christian families to come for them.  To step up to the plate and be their Momma and Dad, to listen and care and cheer them on in life.  Crafts and games and laughter and friends are wonderful but then they need to go home.  To our homes…

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3 Responses to They Don’t Go Home…

  1. sally says:

    God Bless you for continuing to call out the need for mom’s and dad’s to step up and bring more kids home.

  2. KC & Tori says:

    Hi M & B! Grace and peace to you this morning. On New Year’s Eve, 2010, I spent a few hours in the orphanage in Makiivka and had the opportunity to play with the children for a bit. I remember having these same thoughts. In fact, I almost had to leave on about three occasions because I found myself breaking down. I still think about that night and it burdens me. Fortunately, many of the children in that group are being adopted.

    Minister to them while you can. Many blessings, K & T

    • Us says:

      We knew you were in the Donetsk region but didn’t realize you were in Makiivka. Was that orphanage Prolisky or another? You likely spent time with the younger children, whom we have yet to see. We spend such sweet hours there with the older children. 🙂 But it is heartbreaking.
      Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts.

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