The Future is All the Same…

It hit us like a ton of bricks.

The oldest girl of our sibling group is extremely academic.  She attends the local public school and is at the top of her class with excellent grades.  She is blessed to be in an excellent orphanage ~ the director calls it “the children’s home” which we love ~ which offers her a supportive environment and many opportunities.

When we stated aloud how hard she works and what an advantage she has being in this home, our facilitator replied matter of factly, “the future is all the same.”


Do you mean her future is the same as the girls we met in other orphanages who will graduate with the equivalent of a US third grade education?  Those who have run wild and never applied themselves?  She will have no better opportunities for a job or life?

“No.  She doesn’t.”

Unbelievable.  It has been a week and we still can’t get our arms around it.  But it is true.  There are no jobs for these children after they age out of the orphanage.  They will be sent to trade school but with no family support and little monetary support from the government they don’t last long.

We wish you could meet these sweet older children.  Like the rest of us, some are sweeter than others. 🙂  We marvel at how resilient they are to have experienced and seen what they have…to have been rejected, often many times over…yet they are precious sweet kids many of whom desire a family more than anything else in the world.

Their future is all the same…bleak and likely very short.  The average life expectancy of a child who ages out of the orphanage is 21.  Many die of suicide.  Most of the boys end up in crime and eventually prison.  Most of the girls will join the endless line of prostitutes.  It is their only chance to make money enough to eat.

Coming from a country where hard work and academic excellence are associated with a higher level of opportunity and prosperity, we are overwhelmed by the dire hopelessness these orphans face in spite of their outward appearance of happiness.  We remind ourselves everyday to look beyond the smiles into the pain of their hearts.

They know that the future is all the same…

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6 Responses to The Future is All the Same…

  1. sally says:

    good grief that is heartbreaking…

  2. Kelly & Tori says:

    The future is NOT all the same when you know Christ, and the only way these kids are going to know Christ is to be adopted by Christian families. Or, I am going to have to move to Ukraine and minister to them. Maybe someday…

    • Us says:

      AMEN!! That is why we are here…for the few we can take home to have a chance to know Jesus!! And we pray for more to come, to take kids home, or to stay here as you are feeling called to do. We believe the best is for masses of Christian families to take a few into their homes and families. We must stop putting photos of orphans on our refrigerator and let them eat from our refrigerators. If Christians do not come for them, someone else will…
      We love your passion for these kids!!

  3. Matt Garret says:

    Really good to read your heartfelt , honest posts!! People need to hear this. I’ll post later to your blog. Right now, I get to go play basketball for the first time in two months. Stay focused. You guys are doing good. God’s doing better, but you’re still doing good… 🙂

    • Us says:

      Congrats on the basketball…go Vlad!! So glad to hear you are home safely.
      Thanks for the day brightening comments. You give us hope that we will win this war.
      God is definitely doing good…we’re hanging in here!! From day one we’ve just been following along…and we continue to ride in the backseat and let it all be on Him.

  4. Vicki says:

    I am so humbled to read your posts. What a joy to read of your heart! What a wonderful thing you are being so persistent to accomplish! God has placed you in my prayers. I am so glad to read that you are THERE…this is a gift in itself! Because we know that ALL things work together for our good, there is a reason for the delays, the extra days, the extra prayer required, the waiting, the hoping and then, the children…God is working it out according to the days written in His book. They are perfectly laid out plans. Perhaps he is whispering, “Lean in and I will tell you something you would not know without the waiting time.” His plan is perfect. I will pray for fortitude…Vicki

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