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We learned of this on Saturday and saw the official email from the US Embassy – Department of State this morning.

Our paperwork required for court was carried by overnight train on Thursday from Donetsk to Kiev and received by the SDA on Friday.  It must be processed and returned to the region for our court hearing.

We are uncertain how this transfer between ministries of the national office of international adoption will affect our adoption.  It serves as yet another reminder that this is not about us and that we must stay firm in the faith that He will complete what He has started.  We have dodged moratorium votes, delays and every other possible derailment over the past 18 months.  God is in control and we will be anxious about nothing but make our requests known unto Him.  We appreciate your prayers for peace and that His will be done…

April 8, 2011
Alert: Ukraine Adoption

On the evening of April 7, 2011, President Yanukovych signed a Decree transferring all functions of, the State Department for Adoption and Protection of the Rights of the Child (SDA– the current central adoption authority of Ukraine), to the Ministry for Social Policy. We do not yet know how the implementation of this transfer will affect processing of adoption cases. Whether SDA will be able to continue processing currently filed cases remains unclear.

The Presidential Decree will become effective immediately upon its publication in the Government’s official newspapers, which may be as early as Monday, April 11.

According to SDA, there are now 134 U.S. families registered with the SDA, some of them already in-country. We are asking all American families that are currently in Ukraine or have appointments with SDA during the next few weeks to send their contact information to the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine’s Adoption Unit at: Families should contact their local adoption service provider for further updates and details.

We will keep monitoring the situation and will provide updates as they become available.

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