So far we wait…and assume that no news is good news.  The SDA remains open doing business as usual so far and we await a court date, which we hope to learn later today.

We are having a great time with the kids, all of them.  We spend most of our days “upstairs” with the whole crew, not in a private room downstairs with just our 3 + 1.  The 1 is a young man, 15 this Sunday the 17th, a friend of our siblings who has dug a deep place in our hearts.

Playing UNO, round after round, with 8-10 precious, beautiful children is more than an honor.  There is one little cutie, Nastia, age 8, that cracks me up.  She’s tiny but holds her own with the older kids.  She’s a dynamo!!  There are teen boys who are men…they so need fathers to model Godly manhood for them.  There are beautiful young girls…bunches of them that smile when we arrive and quickly jump into the next round of the game.  It is an incredible privilege to spend our days with them and pray for God to call families for each of them.

Juice boxes are big…in this orphanage food is good, they are well fed with excellent meals as well as fruit or bread and hot chocolate milk for an afternoon snack.  But we learned quickly that fruit juice is a rare treat offered only on days off from school.  Our refrigerator is stocked with their favorite flavors and it is a smile and sincere “thank you” (in English!) producing treat when we pull them out each day.

We will keep you posted as we learn our court date and more information regarding the changes coming to the SDA.  We had some power outages that also claimed the internet service over the weekend.  We are so blessed to be staying in the most lovely apartment at the Ukraine Bible Institute where they handled it well and were so gracious to keep us informed and comfortable.

God is keeping us in His care and we seek to redeem the time, share a smile, hug, and “Das-twee-too” ~ Hello! ~ with everyone God places in our path.  🙂


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One Response to Update

  1. MATT GARRETT says:

    Hey guys! Glad to hear that things are going well. I know what you mean about all the beautiful, young girls…they grow them like leaves on trees. UNO blows!!! So tired of UNO. I agree that Christian families ought to be prioritizing the adoption of all these kids. The world is losing a generation of people by not providing when able to do so. It’s shameful that we, as Americans, cloak ourselves in comfort and luxury while the vast majority of the world barely survives day-to-day. If this country doesn’t shape up, we will no longer be the super power we are. God didn’t allow His original super power to ignore His commands. He let them be pretty much destroyed…and He used all kinds of methods and countries to render judgment. Continued blessings on you.

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