Gifts for Orphans = Happy Day!!

If you’ve ever done an Operation Christmas Child shoebox, a blessing bag or any type of gift bag for orphans we have a report for you.  They are amazing for these kids!!

We missed our visit yesterday as we had a friend visit for the afternoon who is adopting a teen in a nearby city.  It was an incredible blessing to deepen that friendship that began as so many in the adoption world do today, online.  We are soul mates.  It is amazing.  The more we talked the more we found in common.  It was incredible to soak up the wisdom she shared from their experience in adoption of teens.  Our children will be blessed by what we learned from her.  God is so good to link our lives on this side of the world.

Then there was the hope of court so we were staying put to dress up on a moment’s notice and dash off if the call came.  It never came, so we missed our daily visit.

When we arrived today the kids were abuzz!!  They had received gifts yesterday and were beyond thrilled.  As I quizzed our young interpreter as to the source for the gifts we learned that “one family who adopted from this orphanage has never forgotten us and every year they send gifts for every child.   They try to get them here for New Year’s but this year they were late and we got them yesterday.”

“One family ships 45 gift boxes to this orphanage in Ukraine from the US…every year?”


Amazing!!  And if they happen to be reading I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of the children for blessing them beyond belief.    Our family has done Operation  Christmas Child shoeboxes for nearly two decades and I thought our record 22 boxes was impressive…but these were twice that size and 45 of them…and they shipped them here single-handedly.  Wow!

And while we’re at it…a tip for each of you who love doing these as we do…Silly Putty was the hands-down favorite gift!!  There were small sets of legos, coloring books, games, puppets to sew, and loads more and they played with the silly putty all afternoon while all else rested in the box.  🙂  So, consider that proven research, always include the Silly Putty!! This was “glow in the dark” so super cool but homemade or store bought, it is a hit!!

Did you catch the italics in the quote above?  This precious young man, who will be 15 on Sunday, said ~ and I wish I had a video so you could hear the quiet passion in his voice and see into his eyes ~ “they have never forgotten us…”  We have no idea how lonely these children are.  They laugh and play and try to go on…but they feel forgotten.  Abandoned.  Rejected.  Alone.

God places the lonely in families… 

God setteth the solitary in families…

Psalm 68:6 NIV and KJV

We are so honored to be here.  God is showing us the lengths He goes to pursue and rescue us…even when it takes forever and costs a fortune.  How He loves us in our loneliness and rejection by the world.  He is so good.  And we are so grateful.  We desire more than anything else to show His love to each of these precious children and to place 4 of them in our family, all that is approved for this trip.  Yes, there are more that have stolen our hearts…and we will never forget them.

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3 Responses to Gifts for Orphans = Happy Day!!

  1. Paula Settle says:

    I love getting these reports. I am so excited for you and the children.


  2. Lynn Loecher says:

    That is quite the under taking. Our sunday school class just got $2500.00 together for Oles to take gift bags to the 140 kids at Kristina’s orphange. She was there 3 years and never got 1 single gift. I think they will all be happy. Glad everything is going so good for y’all can’t wait to hear about it. But you will pass out when you find out about all that has happened in our lives in 1 month.

  3. Kelly & Tori says:

    Wow. They have never forgotten us… That is profound, and so awesome.

    Same for me. I will be back in Donetsk this Fall to minister to the little sweethearts who stole my heart. I have never forgotten them…

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