Redeem the Time

It appears that the Lord intends our court date to be the original date of April 28.  Our facilitators have done all possible to get it moved up to no avail.  When these folks say 3 weeks, they mean 3 weeks.  We must say we appreciate their integrity.

While we would have preferred to have this move more quickly, we are here on God’s call and His timing.  So, if He wants us to have 3 1/2 weeks before court with our children, that we will do happily.

We enjoy our daily visits and it is good to establish a deeper relationship with them and see more of their daily interaction with each other and their peers in their element.  As it becomes routine and not so fresh they are relaxing and living as they normally do with their friends.  We spend our days with the entire group of children 9 and up and it is the most blessed anyone could be.  If we must spend 3.5 weeks waiting for court we could not ask for more delightful company. 🙂

~ Homework Time ~

~ Soccer ~

And Sunday one of the young men celebrated his 15th birthday.  These folks throw a wonderful party!!

~ Apple Game ~

~ Find the Candy in the Flour ~

~ Awesome Teamwork - Everyone Helped Preparing the Fruit Salad for the Party ~

Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers.  There are tough times but these are the best of times as well.  God is so good!!

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5 Responses to Redeem the Time

  1. Sally says:

    Looks like great fun! I am so thankful these kids are able to live in such a nice place, all things considered. Did you guys participate in the games too? 🙂

    • Us says:

      We all wish this place was not needed…but since we live in a fallen world, sadly, it is. The ladies who serve as directors have our utmost respect. They give their hearts to these children.
      The birthday man had the honor of selecting the participants for the games and none of them were us. We were delighted that he chose to translate and explain each game to us. He is such a wonderful young man. 🙂 It was a fun evening!!

  2. Kelly says:

    Hang tough, Longs. Have you had the opportunity to visit the gigantic soccer stadium? You have to do that. Make sure you try the chocolate croissants at the bakery just a little way down fromt the Irish pub on the corner.

    Many blessings and lifting you up today!

    Sally, if you send me your email address at I will forward you an invite to the blog. Kelly

  3. karen says:

    all I can say is you have GREAT attitudes!! Blessings and hang in there!

  4. Hey! We’re also in the Donetsk region, not too far from Donetsk city. I think we may even be in the same city as your friends who are adopting the teenage boy. PLEASE give us a call if you’ve got a Ukrainian cell phone! We’d love some Christian fellowship! Our cell number here is 38095-391-8221, or you can leave a comment on our blog. Based on your court date, we’ll probably be in Kiev at the same time, too. Hope to hear from you soon! Blessings!

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