Ukrainian Flu = Total Wipeout

Sorry to be gone so long.

Friday was a great day.   Our facilitator talked with the judge who will hear our case this Thursday at noon (4 am CST, 5 am EST).  He was familiar with our case and very positive.  We would appreciate your prayers for favor with the officials and that our adoption will be granted.

We had run hard all day and were so delighted with all that was accomplished even getting our hair cut.  The ladies worked so hard to do a good job and we were so delighted.  And amazed at the total cost of 55 grivnas, about $7 for both of us.   We left a generous tip and they were as happy as we were.  Whew…we have laughed for years at Ray Stevens’ song about getting a haircut out of town and this was seriously out of town!!

That evening I began to feel ill and then began what seemed to be an upper intestinal virus.  It was a rough 15 hours that followed.  It was the worst case I have ever had in my life and left my entire torso so sore I could barely move.  By mid afternoon on Saturday I was able to start back on sprite and am continuing to improve but now have fever that is hard to control and am totally wiped out.  It seems to be my first case of the flu in decades.  I have the best nurse and am improving some each day so hopeful that I will soon be back on the go again.  The children have been so sweet to call and ask about me, wish us a Happy Easter, and even sent a precious text message this morning!!

My first ever real text message…  🙂

Hi, Mom how are you feel?  Get Covered. We miss you.  Bye.

“Covered” means something to them that relates to getting well, I promise you!!  Is this not the sweetest thing for them to text that in English so I could read it?  I enjoyed learning how to text them back.  The hardest part has been not getting to visit with them so it was great that Barney was able to go today, after 3 days away.   Tea (chai ~ as big in Ukraine as in England) is a favorite of our children and others in their orphanage.  On Thursday night we had bought a stash of tea, sugar, lemons and cookies so he took them today along with Paska – traditional Easter bread.  That was a big hit and he enjoyed a great visit with them over tea and cookies.  The conversation was great as they asked many questions.

Today marks 6 weeks since we stepped off the plane in Kiev.  Most days and weeks have flown by.  Those of you who have followed the journey from the beginning know that we spent the first 2.5 weeks on a referral for a young boy in the hospital in Kerch.  A precious boy that we tried everything we knew to take home.  But his separation from his sisters was not granted and God allowed that door to close.  We are hopeful that another family will come for the three of them.  As we have had to accept the impossibility of his adoption God has brought another boy into the fold.  He is a wonderful friend of these 3 siblings and we have grown to love him deeply.  We feel very called to pursue his adoption.  He makes the circle complete.  Paperwork for his adoption will be submitted tomorrow and we cherish your prayers that God will move in this in a huge way to make it possible in a reasonable time.  Unless the Lord closes this door, we will do whatever it takes to bring all 4 of them home.

We are rejoicing that another family has arrived to adopt a brother and sister, 14 and 12.  Precious, beautiful kids who have been hosted twice by this family.  On Thursday the boy was delighted to tell us, “my family are coming to me!!” the next morning at 9 am.  These kids crawl right under your skin and into your heart.  And there are so many more that need a family to “come to them”.

This has been a much tougher week but we hold fast to God’s call and trust that He carries us under His wing.

“For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.”  Phil 4:11

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.”  James 1:2

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6 Responses to Ukrainian Flu = Total Wipeout

  1. Kelly says:

    Hey guys! Sorry about the flu bug, yuck. I can only imagine how difficult it is to be sick and away from home!

    I have wondered, has it crossed your mind to remain in Ukraine as missionaries after adoption?

    Many blessings and thanks for the update.

    • Us says:

      Yuck is right. And of course there is not one can of chicken noodle soup to be bought! I am some stronger this morning, thanks for the prayers.

      We have never felt called to remain here as missionaries but thanks for asking and provoking us to think. Our calling is to show these young people the depth and width and length of God’s love, saturate them with the love of family as we pour heart and soul into them and then watch them fly. It is going to be awesome!! Not easy, but awesome!! And then hopefully do it again!! So many of these children have so much potential, beyond what we can imagine.

  2. Jo says:

    I’ve been following your very long journey and just wanted to tell you that someone in MN. USA is saying lots of Prayers for you and your children! I hope you are “covered”, which I wonder if that’s “recovered”, by the time you read this! Oh, I hope this adoption will include 4 beautiful children! Take care of yourselves! ~ Jo

    • Us says:

      Bless you!! And thank you for solving the “covered” mystery!! “Recovered”, of course, that makes perfect sense!!
      The family that arrived for the brother and sister are from MN!
      Thank you for journeying with us, we are so grateful for your encouragement and prayers!!

  3. Rhonda says:

    My dear precious friends I am praying for you all and I am so sorry you have been sick. I know it seems so difficult now but soon you will be home with your sweet children. Praying very hard for all four to come with you.

  4. Paula Settle says:

    I am so thrilled with these updates. I will be flying back to Ky. from Washington, DC
    on Thursday and I will be praying for you. So excited for everyone.

    Paula S

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