Tomorrow At Noon (5 EST)

It is late and has been a full, great day but wanted to let everyone know that after a few hour scare that court would have to be moved due to notice that the prosecutor would not be able to attend all is on schedule.

Our facilitator is incredible…this afternoon while we waited to meet with the chief prosecutor for this district regarding this potential scheduling problem he said, “we must pray” and the three of us huddled together in that hallway and he prayed the most incredible prayer for wisdom, God’s will, the right words to say, understanding for each party who would have a part in the decision tomorrow…he just poured his heart and humility out to God.  A peace washed over that place that was incredible.  As soon as the door popped open he closed the prayer in Jesus’ name and approached the prosecutor to request that this court hearing be possible tomorrow.  The gentleman instantly agreed and then began to explain to us the court system of Ukraine and all the responsibilities of his office.  It was an incredible meeting and he was such a kind and personable man who shook our hands as we left and thanked us for our time.

From that meeting we learned there were a few missing pieces of paperwork for the case and he secured them all in minutes.  He is tireless, articulate, hilarious, and a joy to work with.  God has so blessed us in leading us to him.

We then met with the children and he shared with them how court would go and what to expect and they were so serious.  I wish I had snapped a photo of those three solemn faces in a row, oldest to youngest, all soaking in each word without a quiver.  He told them they will each have to answer the questions strongly and be firm about how they want and need this adoption.  They smiled, said “Dah!” (yes!) and were so excited this day has finally arrived!! We are too!!

We have a dear friend that I mentioned the blessing of meeting at the SDA office 6 weeks ago tomorrow.  She and their new 16 year old daughter, after 3 years of pursuing her adoption, board that long awaited flight for home in about 6 hours.  Would you do double duty prayer tomorrow and pray for their safety and sweet reunion with the rest of the family as you pray for the blessing of our adoption of these 3 precious children being granted.

We love you all!!

ps…Today was my first day out among the living after 5 days and I did well.  I am feeling much better each day, thank you for your prayers on that front as well!!

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6 Responses to Tomorrow At Noon (5 EST)

  1. Paula Settle says:

    I am so excited for all of you. I am praying……………………

    What about the 4th child?

    • Us says:

      The paperwork to request the adoption of a fourth child was submitted in Kiev on Tuesday and hopefully as soon as they have the court decision from today they will begin his process…so we wait for word on the timing. The hardest part is knowing that he knows and has had to keep this secret with us nearly three weeks. He has definitely proven his trustworthiness…it is hard to watch him nearly hold his breath waiting. At the end of court today, when the judge returns with his decision Barney intends to ask the judge about this boy and the world will know!!
      Paula, we cherish your journeying with us. How awesome for you to come behind us in such a powerful way, we are so thankful!!

    • Us says:

      Paula, do you remember doing a first person drama on the life of Lottie Moon at Christmas (1971) on a Wednesday night at Third Baptist? Did you know that I came to know the Lord through that drama? That spoke to my heart about my need for Jesus and I was baptized a few weeks later. I am forever grateful and wanted to be sure you knew. When I read your kind comment early this morning I realized that has led to today. I guess it is no coincidence that God used foreign missions to awaken His spirit in me. I never cease to be amazed…

  2. Sarah says:

    Late every night, I check your blog. It`s my bedtime treat! And a treat it is! Between the blog and your mother`s routine updates, I`m able to keep up with you. So sorry you had to endure the bug. Now, so glad you`re crawling back to your vibrant, inspirational self. If God brings this all together, those are going to be some lucky kids! My heart and soul will be with you tomorrow…this morning in a few hours. You two are already up, dressed, out, and probably pacing. I can only imagine what the kids are doing!!! Hopefully, they went to school for part of the morning to keep them busy. I pray for their composure…well, everybody`s composure in just a few hours now. Gives me butterflies just thinking about it. Butterflies worse than those that went with teaching my first 7th grade class 50 years ago. Doubt that your mom is sleeping much tonight. Speaking of sleeping, I`d better get to that. Need to set alarm to wake a bit before 5:00 to pray for all of you. Just know God`s with you. Sarah

    • Us says:

      We are so humbled and honored that you have journeyed this loooong and not-over-yet path with us. We slept well, if a little short, but are up and doing well. We just mentioned wondering what the children are thinking and if they slept. We’ll get a report on that!

      That you feel the power of this day equal or exceeding such a significant one in your own life is a priceless gift of your heart and we are so grateful. We are so anxious to share with the children how intimately so many have walked this razor edge path along the side of this cliff with us for their rescue and ransom. They will be astounded. And that you would awaken just to pray…thank you. There is a peace in the last two days that God has this right in the palm of His hand. He has orchestrated every detail and we need only to watch Him work and speak His words.

      Thank you for making that special trip to Louisville with Mom to share that last lunch before we left. We both cherish that time and it was such a pleasure to meet you. We are so blessed to call you friend and look forward to introducing you to these precious kids when the Lord determines that our time here is complete. God Bless!!

  3. Praying it went well! And excited to hear about this whole 4th child surprise!

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