A Sweet Call Leads to New Question

About 9 pm tonight our cell phone rang and the young Russian speaking female voice said, “ah-lo!”  (Hello).  We responded with Hello and then there was more Russian.  hmmm… After a couple of minutes of that we hung up thinking it a wrong number.

About two minutes later she called back.  Normally I would not answer it the second time but the voice had been so sweet I was drawn to try again.  “Ah-lo!”  Hello!!  There were a few giggles and some talking and then in perfectly clear English, “what is your name?”  I thought I knew the voice, so I replied with my first name which she repeated and then I knew who it was so I asked back, “what is your name?”  In a delighted voice she exclaimed, “Natasha!”

She is the sweetest 13 year old girl, from our children’s orphanage.  🙂  I have no idea how she had this number but she has welcomed me with Ah-lo! every day since our first day in the orphanage and calls me by name all the time so I knew that beautiful voice!!   The most unique thing about this precious girl is that she asks the young man who knows English how to say things to me and then parrots them back perfectly herself.  Most of the children ask him to tell us things so he serves as an interpreter and does the talking.  Not her, she asks how to say it, and then speaks for herself.  I love her spunk and desire to come to us, it is so indicative of her heart.  She won my heart that first day and we’ve learned her heart-breaking story of being twice rejected and have such a passion for this girl.

There was a brief pause and then a new voice, “who is this?”  I again gave my first name and asked who this was knowing it was that precious fourth boy we tell you about who knows English.  So we both exclaimed and had the most delightful conversation.  It turned out that my phone had sent Natasha’s phone a text message (???) so she was replying.  She was talking to him in the background and he was translating and at least 5 times she said to tell me she was so sorry to have bothered me.  I asked him to please assure her that she did not bother me at all, to relay our love to the 3 siblings and that we looked forward to seeing them all tomorrow.  God knew we needed to hear those children’s voices to be reminded of what this is really all about.

Of course, that brightened our day beyond belief and as the conversation evolved we came to a stunning realization of another possible perspective of this judge.

We have never written the much needed post on Why Adoption in Ukraine but one of its key points is that the beautiful young girls from Eastern Europe bring the highest dollar when sold for prostitution or slavery.  It is one of the main factors that motivates us to rescue these children, and particularly the ones this age who face high risk of this due to their lack of family support or other protection when they age out of the orphanage.

Could it be?  This has never crossed our radar screens until tonight but could it be that the judge thinks this is our motive for desiring these older children?  To the world, why would we travel 6000 miles to adopt children that include girls 15.5 and 16.5?

Whoa…this is a whole new perspective.  The judge does not know our heart, he does not know our intention, our love, our passion to introduce these beautiful sweet children, all of them, to Jesus and give them an opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams and know the love of a family, to be loved and love in return.  There is no essay on Why I Want to Adopt submitted with a dossier.

Could it be that he perceives and is testing our motives in an effort to protect the children?  Oh, we hope so!!!  That feels so very different.  We are not naive, we know the reality that it could be the opposite…but what if he perceives us as the evil ones?  Why wouldn’t he?  So, we pray that we can approach him tomorrow and talk about our motives and dreams and love for these children.  And that his heart will be softened and he will see through our eyes and into our hearts.

Thank you Lord for that who-knows-how-it-got-there text message…that sweet call…and how You used it to bring us to another perspective and possibly understanding and direction as to how to proceed.  We beg for wisdom and discernment for our facilitators who are working and praying endlessly on our behalf.  We entrust this all to You.   To You be the Glory!!!

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