We’ve followed many adoption stories over these 20 months and there is always something new.  Here’s another one for the list.

As we gathered for court it was obvious that the prosecutor and jurors were not present.  hmmmm…  We went into the small court room and the judge began to look through the case documents and asked the Inspector questions.  She answered them and added a few missing documents to the case file.  Then he announced that everyone required for this hearing were not present so it would be postponed to May 20 at 9 am.

Three weeks and one day.  The exact time from our date of petition for court to today to wait again.  We were stunned.  After a few minutes we asked to speak to the judge and requested his favor of an earlier court date due to hardship on us and particularly the children.  He rechecked the schedule book and affirmed May 20 at 9 am was the earliest date available.

Why?  It was not negligence or an oversight that these vital people were missing.  The one thing we learned following others journeys is that this is intense spiritual warfare of the darkest kind.  It is relentless.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12

The orphanage social worker and inspector said this has never happened before.  Our facilitator re-approached the judge a bit later again requesting a nearer court hearing but to no avail.  This impacts not only this adoption but the addition of the fourth child as well.

So, we pray for wisdom and God’s guiding hand and softening of the hearts involved.  No, we do not understand but we know He is still in control.

We were so sad for the children, they were so disappointed but we assured them that we will not walk away and that we love them.   It may be necessary for us to return to the US during this wait time but we will not give up.

We cherish your prayers and any words of wisdom by private email from those of you who have walked this path.  Our lives and hearts are intertwined with each of these children and we have no doubt that God called us here to these 4 children.  We will pray and wait and watch for Him to work.

Dear Lord, you know the cry of our hearts…we entrust it to You.

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2 Responses to Postponed

  1. Sarah says:

    My heart goes out to you and the children!!! Didn`t think you probably had a post on your blog yet by midmorning and couldn`t wait, so I called your Mom. The fact that you had been postponed blew me away. Hard to wrap my head around that, so I know it has to be for you and the kids, too. You continue in my prayers every time I pray. Sorry, I don`t have any words!!! Can`t think of anything to say to you. Down deep, I realize that if any of those trite expressions of encouragement were used on me right now, I would feel like,”Well, you can say those things…you`re not in this situation at this time…with all five or six of us on hold for another three weeks and a day!!! Then we still have the time frame it takes to get visas, passports, etc., and get the children ready for this major upheaval in their lives…not to speak of the turmoil in the midst of which they already find themselves. Well, obviously, this is not an uplifting message, but more one of affirmation. All nine of you have your own permanent corner in my heart, mind, and prayers. I say “nine” because the first three siblings are still a part of my concern, too.


  2. That was certainly unexpected! I feel for you and your children-to-be during this time of more waiting. I know you already know, but keep trusting that the Lord sees so much more than we can see. He has it all under control and is working everything out for His glory and for your good. Blessings!

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