The Good

Romans 8:28 assures us of this…  And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.  

From the bottom of our hearts we believe the verse above (and all the rest of them too!) and whatever the circumstances we seek to see the good in it.  Once the color returned to our faces and we could feel our feet again on Thursday after court, we began to see piece by piece how God could use this current circumstance for good.

It shows our children that we will not abandon them when the going gets tough.  These are abandoned, rejected children.  Trust is likely to be a hard issue for them.  This could be pivotal in them believing that we’re in this together as they see us fight to the finish for them.  On Friday the orphanage director told us the children were so disappointed, and concerned that we would leave.  We told her we were here until they run us off or deny this adoption without any further appeals or other options. This lady cried when she introduced us to these children 4 weeks ago.  She and thee three siblings have been in this orphanage from day one when it opened 10 years ago.  They have wanted a family for so many years and we had finally come.  We’re not leaving without them without a fight.

It gives us more time in the orphanage with them and their friends on their turf.  Not a bad thing.  The more comfortable they get with us as the new wears off the more we see their real personalities.  And the better we like them!!  It is amazing how quickly the “jump in front of a car” protective instincts and parent juice starts flowing.  These kids are ours, and we could not be more delighted!!

God has more for us to learn or do in Ukraine.  Each day He keeps us here is for a purpose.  We believe that He orders each minute of our day so we are never not where He has planned for us to be.

Last night we moved from our apartment in one building of the Bible College to a different apartment in the next building due to the prospective president of the college coming for a visit and needing our space.  We’re all settled in and 4 apartments share a lovely kitchen in this section of the dormitory.  Tonight as we stirred up our meatloaf (Southern comfort food is great in Ukraine!!) a gentleman arrived who will be our neighbor.  He’s from Virginia and will be teaching Bible courses over the next three months.  We enjoyed a wonderful visit and look forward to getting to know him better.  What a blessing.  And we added a prayer partner to the army.  One more day, one more friend in  Christ.  We see why we are here.

Time will undoubtedly show many more reasons why the Lord has allowed these delays and difficulties.

As an update, our facilitator has uncovered loads of info and the behind the scenes details and no, this issue is not based on a caring judge concerned about our intentions.

Monday and Tuesday are Ukraine’s National Labor Day holidays so all government offices are closed.  It will be Wednesday before we can possibly learn anything new.  We have enjoyed wonderful visits with the children  yesterday and today and will each day as we wait.  They are so excited to be going bowling on Wednesday and we hope to join them for that special activity.  We are doing well, keeping on keeping on and trusting God is working.  There is not one thing we can do about any of this so we are in that wonderful state of living in prayer without ceasing.

Several of you have shared how we will miss this life of intense, edge-of-the-cliff faith when we return home.  We see how that will be but must admit that right now, we are looking forward to getting to that missing place!!!

Until then we are content, well cared for, and enjoying these days together as we watch God work His will in His way and time.  We laugh, recount our favorite old stories and love the time.  When this dark cloud passes and things fly from the two of us to the six of us, these quiet times alone together will be rare so we are enjoying every minute while we have them.

Thank you for your prayers.  Please keep them coming.  Pray for clarity and wisdom for those who are working on our childrens’ behalf.  We intend to fill two full rows on that plane headed to the US in a few weeks and all six of us are eternally grateful and cannot wait to see/meet each of you and celebrate all God has done!!

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2 Responses to The Good

  1. Cindy Meiners says:

    Hi Marie, I have been praying and waiting to get an update from you. Wow. I still don’t understand it all but assume you can only share as much as you did. We will continue to pray, believing as you said that “all things work together for good…” It is good to hear from you again. Your faith is amazing. God is with you all. Love you,

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow! In the midst of the struggle you maintain that sweet spirit. That has to be reassuring for the children. You are establishing a bond with them now that will surely smooth the path in settling in when you get home. This has to be part of God`s plan. I know He will protect you all. But in light of recent world events, I`m sure you`re intelligent enough to be very safety conscious. Now, we will add special emphasis to the safety issues in our prayers for you.


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