Patience…and a tidbit of news

This has been quite a fruit of the spirit class in patience…at the 400 level or beyond.  Both for us and the children.  We did well until Wednesday when there was hope that something would be learned regarding how to get through court.  When Wednesday came and went and then today’s close of business came and still no word, we began to question what God would have us do.

The immediate thing we had to do was to move back into our original apartment tonight.  We have loads to tell from this week in the student dormitory and all the new friends God has brought our way but it is late here so we will save that for tomorrow.  When we got settled in and the computer back up and running tonight we had a note from our facilitator.  They will be calling a local attorney that works with this judge tomorrow and hopefully having a meeting.  We should learn something later tomorrow from that contact.

We cherish each prayer you have offered on our behalf.  The Lord knows what we need and has blessed this week beyond measure.  As much as we would not have signed up for 7+ weeks and still no court, we would not have missed this week at any cost.  A friend commented today that we came because God called us to grow our family and God turned it into a mission trip.  We have been so incredibly blessed and are watching expectantly to see what God is doing as we wait.  It has been a wonderful journey and we are forever changed from our time with these precious brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please continue to pray for wisdom for our facilitators as they work tirelessly on our behalf.  And for us to be patient and watch for opportunities to be a blessing to others, grow in our faith and redeem the time that has been entrusted to us in this special place.  We are safe, well cared for and in awe of the presence of God.  We love you all!!

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3 Responses to Patience…and a tidbit of news

  1. Paula Settle says:

    I would say that by the time you leave you will have your PhD in Patience……….which will put you in good stead for dealing with four teenagers at once !!

    • Us says:

      We’ve said this too!! At times I get so anxious to get this done and get home and then the reality of that adjustment hits me and I wonder why I’m in any hurry!! 🙂 Thanks so much for journeying with us. This has been far more than we ever imagined, but that is the way with God. We’re in for the long haul and He is carrying us each step of the way.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Dear precious friends I think of you and pray for you everyday. A piece of my heart remains in Ukraine. Hopefully and prayerfully something will happen soon to bring you all home. Hugs to you both.

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