The Waiting Game

We wait again.

Today our facilitator met with the attorney he was advised works with the judge assigned to our case and the attorney said he has no idea why this has gone this way but will make contacts to try to learn more on Tuesday.

Monday is a national holiday, Victory Day in Europe, where they celebrate the war we know as World War II, that they call The Great War.  All schools, government offices and courts are closed.

So we wait 4 more days…on the bright side the time is sweet with our children.  It is our prayer that God is using it in a mighty way to prepare their hearts for home and joining our family.  We can tell they bond to us more each day.  Today the little guy kissed me on the cheek for the first time.  I said, “I love you” and he replied so sweetly, “I love” and then he ran out of English.

The only thing that sends us into panic is wondering if the day is going to come that we just have to leave.  Either they stop adoptions or our time allowed in the country expires or ???  We trust that God would not have called us to these precious children and gotten their hopes up to have them be left again.  It is just not His way.  He loves the orphan passionately and there has to be more to what He is doing in the delays than we can see.

We spend each day from 2-5 at the orphanage with 25-40 of the children.  The 25-30 children ages 9 and up are with us the whole time and we love playing UNO with them.  When the weather is nice we go outside for the last hour and a half and all 45 of the children are together.  Barney is the hero of the hour playing soccer or a netless form of volleyball with 2 girls that just cannot get enough.  He is getting a great workout!!  I love the time watching them play, ride bikes and inline skate as I hull sunflower seeds for the tiniest little ones ages 3 and 4.  They are so precious surrounding me for those seeds.  As I drop each one into the next hand they are like little birds.  And my heart breaks to know that not one of them has a Mommy or Daddy that loves them and tucks them into bed each night.  They all call me, “mama” and call out to me to watch them go down the little slide or kick the ball.

~ Feeding Sunflower Seeds to the littlest ones ~

We’ve had a wonderful week with a missionary couple living here at DCU as well as many others we have met and grown to love.  God is so good to have us here for this season.  It is beyond amazing to meet these precious people, many of whom have been so persecuted for their faith.

We know God is at work and this is far bigger than us.  It has never been about us.  We trust that God is at work even though we cannot see the details from here.  Nothing is impossible with God and in Him is our trust that this will be accomplished.  Please pray for us to not become discouraged or anxious and for wisdom for our facilitators as they discern how best to move forward to resolve this issue.  They both share our faith in Christ and are so passionate for the orphans’ adoption into families.  We are blessed to have them working on our behalf.

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4 Responses to The Waiting Game

  1. Praying for this situation to be resolved quickly and for a hedge of protection against discouragement or anxiety. I know it must be hard for you and the children that have waited so long for a family. We are leaving on May 21st for a May 24th SDA appointment.., pray we can be God’s light in any or all situations that we face in Ukraine. Your family has been an encourangement to us.

  2. Kelly & Tori says:

    Hey Longs! We are still traveling with you! Your approach to this process, your faith, your patience, and your love for the kids is a great testament for all of us to learn from.

    Have a great Mother’s Day weekend. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.

  3. Cindy Meiners says:

    Marie & Barney, I am so praying for you and your family. I know that God will make a way when there seems to be no way. You are right that He loves these orphans and I believe that He will overcome the obstacles. I also believe that He is using your circumstances to deepen your faith and dependence on Him. I wish I could be there with you feeding the “little birds.” I am convinced that if every Christian had the opportunity that you have in spending time with these precious children, there would be no more orphans. The need is overwhelming and undeniable and you are seeing it first hand. “The harvest is plenty, laborers are few.” Keep laboring for the Lord! Love you, Cindy

  4. Dianne Colvin says:

    Marie and Barney,
    Please know that I pray for you and those children in Ukraine. I’ve known your mother Judy for years ever since your Uncle Richard was my pastor at Pleasant Grove here in O’boro. My sister Faye traveled with Barbara to Equador to help pack their things when they returned to the states.

    God is in charge of your lives, and I firmly believe that things will work out for the best, His best. Continue listening to His instructions.

    In Christ,
    Dianne Colvin

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