Soccer Game!!

The Lord is so gracious…what a week.  He knows what we need when we need it and delivers beyond what we could have asked or imagined.  We dropped by our missionary friends’ house for a few minutes and were treated to an unexpected lunch of delicious ham and potato soup and cheese sandwiches.  They are so gracious and have such an incredible gift of hospitality.  It is amazing the ministry of sharing of a meal.

It was a beautiful day and we were delighted to ride the marshupka (small yellow bus) all by ourselves to the orphanage and back.  Yesterday we learned how to do this so it gives us great exercise walking to the bus stop and back and saving loads of money in taxi fares.  We enjoyed a great visit playing outside with our kids.

Tonight was a wonderful evening with our new friends at a professional soccer game at the new Donbass Arena in Donetsk.  What fun!!  The only thing better would have been if we could have taken our children.   They would have enjoyed it so much but that is not allowed until after court and the 10 day wait is completed and they are officially ours.

~ Donbass Arena ~

~ 28,000 of us Headed in for the Game ~

~ This awesome arena will host the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship Games ~

This is one cool place…and tickets for great seats were $4.38 each.  They serve real  American style hamburgers for $2.00 each.  We loved that it was so affordable.

~ The WAXTAP Team from Donetsk Won 2-0 ~

~ Sports Fun is Universal!! ~

~ Our Fun New Friend ~

Our new friend who just oozes with the joy of Jesus.  His story is beyond amazing and God has a plan for his life beyond what we can imagine.  God’s plan for this trip was as much about us getting to know our new friends as for adoption.  Amazing!

We’ve had an incredible week making friends and sharing laughs, our stress, and prayer with fellow believers.  We’re going to be honest, this is tough.  We do well for a few days and then it is really tough.  The stress is mounting as we wait and seemingly nothing happens.  Eight weeks and still no court is beyond patience building, this is becoming perseverance.  We know from the depths of our hearts that God called us here…and we believe He called us to become the parents of these four children.  Until He instructs us otherwise we will continue to watch, wait and pray expectantly while He works.

We cherish each of your prayers and kind comments and emails.  We get discouraged and a bit crazy at times but we never give up.  We question and pray and wonder but God is providing our every need and far beyond.  We are so blessed for this opportunity to sit at the feet of Christ, so totally helpless to do anything and totally reliant on Him.  It is the best place on the planet to be.

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