He Will Carry it to Completion

“…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 1:6

Yesterday morning at breakfast we talked about this verse and how we believe with all our hearts that God will complete this work He has started in our lives.  Then in church they read this verse (don’t you love it when God does that?) and we were reaffirmed that this was the message we needed for this new week.

It is so incredible to have so many praying for us and to hear our new friends here say that nothing is ever accomplished in this country without God.  We have a false sense in our comfortableness in the US that we can make things happen.  Often God does not get the glory.  Foolishly we think it is who we know or what we did.  But, the road here is a vivid reminder that nothing is accomplished without Him and to Him alone goes all honor and glory.

We remain steadfast to God’s call to wait this out and that He will complete this work and our children will accompany us home…all 4 of them.

We have no idea what God is doing in this…weeks pass with nothing accomplished that we can see at all.  We hope He allows us to see the “why” down the road.  But, we will be content that it was part of His plan even if we never know on this side of heaven.

It has been an incredible week in spite of the adoption delay.  Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful service at church with passionate preaching from God’s word and translation as a gift from the most gracious fellow believers.

We took the marshupka bus (3 grivnas each = 38 cents each way) to the orphanage and were so delighted to get off at the grocery store and back on and off at our desired stop on the way home.  That was quite an adventure and we are so delighted to save nearly $20 per day by using the bus.  Another gift this week is gracious friends who have taught us how to use the public transportation system enabling us to be much better stewards of money and get alot of much needed exercise.  This is the street we walk from the main road back to DCU.

~ The Street to DCU ~

It is the estate of the richest man in Ukraine, one of the ten wealthiest men in the world. We had to laugh when we caught this scene from the third floor of the DCU administration building on our way to church last Sunday.  The week before the Kentucky Derby.

~ Working the Horses ~

There is a full horse stable and training facility within this estate.  That sure felt like home the first week of May!!

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner last night of shashleek, Russian shish-ka-bobs.  Delicious! Our new Kyrgy friends grilled these cubes of pork marinated with spices and vegetables over an open fire.

~ New Friends! ~

~ Master Chef ~

We added grilled vegetables, Kentucky style fried apples, potato salad and cole slaw to the menu along with Jim’s delicious cake and hot tea.  It was a feast!  What sweet company and so interesting to talk about our countries and the differences in our freedoms and rights.  God is making the time so rich.  We love every minute of soaking up these precious people and learning how much we take our basic freedoms and rights for granted.  We are prayerful about what God would have us do to further the ministry of this Christian College and these friends who are taking the gospel to the ends of the earth with nothing but faith and God’s call.

Sundays are always “new beginning” days.  Even in our normal routine at home it is always the day we make our plan for the new week.  Last Sunday He opened a whole new door for us to deep relationships with new friends.  As we approach this new week we watch expectantly for what He will do.

Before we left home we talked about our desire to immerse ourselves into the people and our lives here to the point that there would be a sadness at having to leave.  We desired more than anything to be “all here”.  God has been so gracious take care of everything at home which allows us to truly be all here.  This week has been that immersion and bonding with friends.  It will be hard to say goodbye both to our friends here at DCU as well as the precious children we spend so many hours with each day.

Precious in His sight…all the little ones of the world.  And especially those without families to love and care for them.  The need is great…much greater than we have ever known.

Many have been left…forgotten…rejected…abandoned. 

Many are needed to come to them.

It is our prayer that God allows us to take four into our home from this trip…there are tens of thousands more.

I will not leave you as orphans.  I will come to you.  John 14:18

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3 Responses to He Will Carry it to Completion

  1. sally says:

    That was absolutely beautiful – from all perspectives. He has a plan for you and you are living it each day. 🙂

    Praying for steadfastness…

  2. Christa Graham says:

    Praying for you guys!

  3. Kelly & Tori says:

    Through Christ, all things are possible.

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