Rich, Rich Days

We are humbled by God’s grace.  Everyday we think it cannot get any better than the one before and then we see what He has in store.

We started today at DCU’s Chapel for their students.  The worship leader is a professional Christian singer who travels and performs.  He had concerts scheduled in this area and is taking courses at DCU part time while here.  He was our neighbor across the hall the week we were in the student dormitory. I loved this song!!

The minister who preached was from Bulgaria and a dynamic speaker.  His message was for us as he talked about angels God sends to meet our needs, trusting God and taking up our cross daily.  As we sat among those precious students who give three or four years to get a degree in theology or missions to serve churches that do not pay their pastors I was humbled.  God has provided our every need and so much more and made this time the richest of our lives.

After chapel we followed the students to their cafe where they enjoy Jim’s cake and tea.  We were linking up with a student who has a car and had expressed interest in driving for us.  We needed to make a major grocery shopping trip this afternoon and needed a ride home to haul the load.  He was available and willing and in lining that up we had the opportunity to talk with an American missionary we had met briefly last week.

We are amazed at the people God has lined up to be in our path.  John White teaches at DCU and as an American married to a Ukrainian could explain the contrast in our two countries in so many ways.  It was priceless to understand our new children and their perspective.  He contrasted the government, laws, education, mindset, motivation and so much more.  We talked about the effect of the many years of  Soviet communist rule.  I listened, learned more than I thought possible and thanked God for the delays.  It would have been an immeasurable loss if we had sped through this process and been home today and missed this conversation.  God is orchestrating every detail of this process and we are so grateful that He is not changing His sovereign plan to accomodate our anxieties.

We enjoyed breakfast for lunch and then the sunshine and 60 degree weather on the walk to the bus stop.  We had a great time with the children on our afternoon visit and were so blessed that there is a new possibility developing regarding our court delays.  Hopefully we will get to talk with someone tomorrow who is willing to step in and help make this happen.  We trust the Lord in this effort and will keep you posted as we learn more.

We took the bus to our favorite supermarket and near the end of our shopping our missionary friends called to see if we would like to go with them and their Ukrainian friends to Donetsk tonight to see the sculpture park.  Sure!

It was beyond amazing!!  It was built 10 years ago and features metal sculptures from many craftsmen in this area.  Each year an additional sculpture is added.  The photos tell the rest of the story…

~ The Entrance to the Park ~

~ The Crane - Old lore has it that if a crane builds a nest on your home you will have a baby that year ~

~ As former farmers, of course we loved the Pig! ~

~ Down the Lover's Lane ~

~ The Lilacs were in full bloom, ahhh the fragrance, beautiful!! ~

~ Each of the benches along the paths were different and works of art ~

~ We ended the evening enjoying wonderful pizza with lots of laughs ~

So, another wonderful day that we awoke expecting to be ordinary.  God is so good.  I realized today I am like the Israelites griping about the manna when God is giving so much.  But we continue to pray passionately that He will make a way for our adoption.  We talked at length with those knowledgeable of the laws and our days are less than 25 until we have to leave the country due to the expiration of our tourist visa.

God is the master of 11th hour miracles and we believe this one is going to rank with the parting of the Red Sea.  We recite “be anxious for nothing” over and over but we are realistic and know that the time is short.  We will be making calls tomorrow morning to the US Embassy to learn the specifics of the law regarding exit and return to the country.  Our dear friends at DCU have been researching it for us and if the laws are enforced it could become quite complicated.  So…in spite of the wonderful days we are in a tight timeframe and know only God can make this happen.

We cherish your prayers for the court concerns as well as for the preparation of our childrens’ hearts for joining our family.  Most of them were great today but one seemed to be more alienated, likely feeling the enormity of the task ahead after yesterday’s talk.  It is not a small thing for them to undertake at their age.  We believe in them, love them immensely and are fully aware of how much this is really asking of each of them. Please pray for peace and confidence for each of them as they anticipate this total life change and for understanding and wisdom for us to discern their thoughts and feelings and know best how to relate to them.

We believe He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.  Ephesians 3:20

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One Response to Rich, Rich Days

  1. sally says:

    I totally recommend the nutella/walnut pancake at Pizza Celentano! I ate it one day with green tea and thought it was one of my favorite meals!

    Beautiful sculptures – thank you for the wonderful photos!

    Praying praying praying!

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