The Time Has Finally Come

God has decided the time has come.

Today we completed an official petition requesting the appointment with the SDA for our referral for the fourth boy.  The original dossier was pulled temporarily from the court file this morning and both will be sent to Kiev to be filed on Monday.  We will travel to Kiev either Sunday or Monday for the referral appointment on Tuesday.  We should return to Donetsk mid-week and begin the official paperwork in anticipation of having court for all four on Friday, May 27th.

On Wednesday, when we attended Chapel at DCU, the minister spoke of God sending angels to assist us in God’s work.  We have had so many angels on this journey but they have come in mass in the past two weeks.  On Wednesday afternoon another stepped up and made the contact with this attorney that is making this happen.

Yesterday one beyond what we could have dreamed arrived with the newest family adopting from our children’s orphanage.  She is a 16 year old young lady who was adopted from this orphange two years ago, friend of our children and accompanying the family as a translator.  She is amazing and a gifted translator.  She loves her family and America and is wise and mature far beyond her years.  We spent the day with her today and she gave us the same advice adoptive parents have given.

Keep the material possessions to a minimum.

Be strict and straight forward until the rules and habits are established.

She is helping us understand what they are feeling and hopes to have opportunity to talk with them.  We shared our thoughts and family’s lifestyle and she is going to be an incredible gift to the children as she has been to us.  She gives us great hope for what this can be.  We are in awe of God’s orchestrating of every detail.

Thank you beyond words for your many prayers and kind words.  We CANNOT wait for you to meet these 4 incredible young people.  The momentum is building as the three families and seven teen children being adopted from this orphanage share the time and anticipation.  The time with our children is taking on a deeper level as we begin to refer to “when we get home”.  It was wonderful to feel confident to refer to that for the first time with them today.  We have kept our conversations very shallow knowing that the deeper we dug the emotional hole the more pain there would be for them if it were denied.  We have hope for a successful adoption and can see the date for home from here.

Please pray with us for peace for them as they prepare to leave their home, friends and loved caregivers of 11 years.  As exciting as it is, it has to be tough for them to say goodbye and go into an unknown future.  Each of the other children being adopted have been hosted in their new family’s homes so they know where and to what they are going.  Ours are trusting us to lead them into the unknown.  We pray for the wisdom to first lead them to Jesus and then to discover the plan God has for each of their lives.  It is humbling ~ and to be honest overwhelming ~ to be a part of His work in their lives.

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4 Responses to The Time Has Finally Come

  1. KC & Tori says:

    God is good. Awesome. Faith can move mountains, even up to four. I am very happy for your adoption, but something- Spirit?- tells me that your journey has only just begun. It will be exciting to see how God works with you all in the coming years.

    My prayer is that as you continue your process, the process would be smooth and God would go before you with a mighty and outstretched hand and clear the way, soften hearts, and bring you all home safely.

    As you get closer to coming home, this is when the enemy will do all he can to defeat you. It’s a bit unnerving. But, the Word of God and powerful prayers are your shield. We will be praying for protection. Blessings, KC

  2. Vicki says:

    Dear Barney & Marie,
    Praying for a good transition…there will be days when the teens are indeed, homesick for what was familiar. But the chance for eternal security that you are giving them is a blessing that cannot be undervalued. Hang on to the many blessings and memories you have now made with them in their own, familiar homeland. God has graciously given you some “history on their turf” before transitioning them permanently to your turf. This is a great gift! Can’t wait to meet them!
    Praying you all home safely!

  3. Matt Garrett says:

    Hi, guys! We’ve been home 6 weeks. In those six weeks we’ve been through hell and back on several occasions. It seems like such a short time ago we were sitting in Karen’s apartment and then at dinner, walking up and down the streets looking for another store that wouldn’t have what we wanted. I remember the enthusiasm and stubbornness in your faces and tones of voices that have proven to be a necessity more than a cute quality that could come in handy. I recall trying to drive home the point that you need to set low expectations and dig in for a long haul. That has come to fruition, has it not? I understand that you have, in all likelihood, another month and that will be a total of what, almost four months?!?! You two may have set the standard for determination, resolve and faith. You WILL have all the good stories and you will have taken the “10 talents” and not only not buried them, but brought new meaning to return on investments. I was NOT given this sort of fight because I lacked on many fronts, the ability to persevere under circumstances the two of you have thumbed your noses at Satan. It is a testimony to what God thought you could manage that you have been given this opportunity-you have ONLY yourselves to blame for this as you built those traits and qualities over years of living what you believed. As hard as the battle may appear to be at present, the victory of extraction from Ukraine may very well be the opening round in the war that lies at home, in the states.-that remains to be seen. It goes almost without saying, that the two of you have your names written in the, “Book Of Life”, NOT because of what you have done, are doing, or will do, but because of what you have allowed to be done through you, by the Lord, for others. Your story is a highlight real of what the Lord can do through those who are truly His. See this through to the end, for God’s sake! 🙂

    • Us says:

      Matt and Aimee,
      It is so good to hear from you!! We pray for you and remember fondly that special day we shared in Kiev.
      We’ve often wondered if this is boot camp for the real battle. After this, we’re pretty well trained. It is going to be interesting to see what God does in and through our children when we get them freed from the fowler’s snare.
      Our award for longest stay is one we will actually cherish because the time has been so rich. Our hearts are full to overflowing. Part of this has proven to be an additional calling to partner with a dear friend who is walking into a black tunnel on May 28 when he leaves Donetsk for St. Petersburg Russia as a missionary to the people of Central Asia. If you know anyone or any church with a heart for reaching the people for Christ please have them contact us so we can link them up. As of today he has not one cent of support and we promise that 15 minutes on skype and his passion for Jesus and will knock you off your feet.
      We love you guys and know you will fight the good fight to the finish. You fight over there while we continue the battle here.
      Thanks so much for writing and for your encouragement. God Bless!!!

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