Revealing the Why

If you joined this story recently you missed the insanity of our many delays in the 18 months from God’s call to departure but trust me when I say it was not pretty.  We were zombies feeling guilty and all in a dither because we could not make this happen and the girls were aging out and on and on.  We questioned why, at times we even questioned that we had heard the call correctly since it would not come together.  WHY?  We prayed that one day God would reveal the why.

Today was the day.

We returned to Kiev yesterday. Let me interject here that if you have any doubt that you can bond to an adopted child I can confirm that this is not a problem.  As we sat in the Donetsk airport waiting to board our flight I was nearly ill at the thought of leaving these children.  My heart literally ached.  I thought I was going to lose it.  We called one of the other adoptive families with a question and they happened to be with the fourth boy we were traveling for.  They instantly put him on the phone and in the middle of that conversation he said, “I love you.”  I thought my heart would explode.

Back to the story…today at the SDA referral appointment the lady went to the computer and could not find this boy.  She went to another computer with a different database and then a lady came in with his file talking a mile a minute in Russian.

Would you believe…he has been available for international adoption since May 4, only 13 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, days!!  They looked at us, 9 weeks since we met the first time, and smiled ear to ear.  It was a moment to remember.  God absolutely confirmed that these are the kids for us and was so gracious to explain the why of the delays as well.

Our God
Is an awesome God he reigns
From heaven above
With wisdom, power and love
Our God is an awesome God.

We are so humbled to be chosen for this call.  God has confirmed His wisdom and the perfect orchestration of His timing.  We will never be the same and our most fervent prayer tonight is that we will never forget these days.  We cherish your prayers and support as we race toward court and the many things we want to do with our children to trace their families and document their stories before we leave.  We counted up the remaining days with our facilitator today and if all goes as would be expected ~ which is almost ridiculous to consider knowing our story ~ we should be headed home one month from today.

Dear Lord, we are in awe of your perfect timing.  Please forgive us for doubting and questioning in the long journey to this place.  Thank you for showing us the why and for the privilege of these many weeks with these precious children and new friends.  Give us strength as we say “see you later” to dear friends in the coming days.  Give our children peace and comfort as they say goodbye to everything familiar…and hello to everything new.  It is not going to be easy.  Help us to reach each of them in the way they receive best.  Give us wisdom to use the remaining days well and to Your glory.  We are so thankful for your son Jesus that saved us and made the way that we could be adopted into your family.  Amen.

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3 Responses to Revealing the Why

  1. Mina Podgaiskaya says:

    We pray the Lord will give you the strenght and patience during this time. Paula is sending me your postings. I wish we were able to help. I will pray! Mina

  2. Michelle Mullins says:

    This story gave me goosebumps and I have already told it several times today. God is so amazing and your perseverance is inspiring. Continuing to pray for your family and these precious children.

  3. Rhonda says:

    I am not at all surprised at what God has done and the way he has delayed time and again because he knew when your child’s paperwork would be ready. We know firsthand how he rewards those who are faithful and do not give up even during the most trying of times. I look at our precious Kasey and thank God everyday she is more wonderful than I even have words for. When I look at her I see God’s promises all over again. Your children will delight your hearts and I am thrilled you will be bringing all 4 home. I am looking forward to following their new lives with you all. Much love and blessings. Rhonda

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