Kiev – Take Three

We have this routine down!!  And we have that “golden ticket”, the referral for our fourth boy, in hand.  We talked to him a few minutes ago and when we told him he said it best, “Wow!”

Of course that leads to a prayer request…he has a 17 year old sister.  They have never been in the same orphanage (in eight years) and hers is a special one of some kind.  It should not be a problem, but officially the separation agreement has to be granted.  If you’ve followed our journey you know this strikes fear into our weary hearts as it takes us back to the first phase of this journey.  But, we trust God will make the way.

It has been interesting the very different emotions we have felt on each of our 3 visits to Kiev.  When we arrived here in mid-March we were exhausted and cautious as everything was new.  Emotionally it was a time of anticipation for us.  We had communicated with the original three siblings for 18 months and were so relieved to finally be here.  We rested most of that visit.

The second trip was after the refusal of separation for Amir, the precious boy in the hospital in Kerch.  Emotionally we were drained and sad but still hopeful that the letters we had sent would result in reconsideration of the decision.  They were never acknowledged at all.  God allowed that door to close.  We were excited and hopeful about the referral for the three highly recommended siblings in the Donetsk region.  That visit was little over 24 hours in duration so a whirlwind of activity, most of it at the airport coming and going.

This third trip has been so different.  We miss our 4 kids but the joy is beyond words.  The weather is beautiful, we’ve enjoyed sightseeing these two days and are rejoicing at the incredible ways we’ve seen the hand of God in this journey.  We are excited to be reuniting with our four children tomorrow and looking forward to hugs and time with them.  They are not expecting us until Friday but our flight arrives in time to visit with them tomorrow afternoon late so we will surprise them!!  Fun!

Yesterday we visited the St. Micheal’s Church, Independence Square and Country’s Mother statue and Great War (WWII) park.

~ St. Michael's Russian Orthodox Church ~

~ Independence Square ~

~ Country's Mother ~

Today we visited the Botanical Garden and the lilacs were in full bloom.  Stunning…

~ Kiev Botanical Gardens ~

The walk of faith continues.  We trust that God will complete what He has started.  This trip away for 3 days has been a great confirmation of our love and commitment to these four children.  It has been a wonderful two days in Kiev with perfect weather and beautiful sites to see but our hearts are in Donetsk and we cannot wait to get back “home”.

Please pray for the separation of these siblings to be granted and that God will prevail in this intense battle for the souls of these precious children.

We love you all and cherish your prayers.  God Bless!!

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