Prayer for Peace

The Lord blessed us with another beautiful day and smooth flight from Kiev back to Donetsk.  We stepped off the plane and were waiting to board the bus to the terminal when our phone rang.  It was the fourth boy, whose referral we were carrying.  He asked how we were and I asked him if he could hear the airplanes in the background, he couldn’t.
He said, “You are in Donetsk?”
Oh, I thought you were on the train until tomorrow.
No, we flew so we just got here.
Can you come to see us today?
Yes, as soon as we get our luggage we have a driver here to pick us up and bring us to see you.
Oh, GOOD!!  That is great!!  How long will it be?
About an hour.
About an hour…oh, good.  I love you.
We love you too!!  See you soon.

We stopped by a store and picked up ice cream treats for every child and worker in the orphanage and when we arrived our kids came from everywhere to hug and tell us they loved us and missed us.  It was a sweet reunion.

The ice cream was sweet too!!  They were all so excited!!  And our four had such a great time getting to give our treats from their family.  It was a precious time.

We were then able to skype with my Mom for the first time.  The children loved it!!  It was great for them to meet her and talk a little bit.  I suspect she loved it as much as they did.

Tomorrow morning we leave at 7:30 to pick our latest addition to the flock up to go see his sister.  They have never been in the same orphanage and she is 17.  She is in agreement to his adoption but asked to see him.  He was very happy to hear that we were going to see her.  We are so delighted it will happen.  There is so much loss and pain for these children, we pray this is a good experience for him.  He is a very tender-hearted young man so we would appreciate your prayers for peace for him in this reuniting after many years.

Thank you to each of you praying and loving us through this journey.  It is a priceless treasure and carries us each step of the way.

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