On Our Way to Court

We are on our way to court, most everything is finished and the petition for court was submitted today.  All is on schedule for court next Friday, May 27th.

We made the hour+ trip to meet the sister of our newest addition.  It was a sweet time for us with him for the day and a sweet meeting with her.  When we arrived she was standing in a group of girls and he walked up to the circle facing her and said her name.  She ran to  him and hugged him and the girls vaporized.  They hugged and talked and walked together for over an hour.  It was as it should be.  They have never been in the same orphanage in 8 years and have only seen each other once, 5 years ago when she visited him.  She agreed to the separation and wrote the required letter.  The director required a cell phone for the signature so we drove 15 miles to another city to purchase one and picked up a box of chocolates for the director.

On the drive to her orphanage this morning he told us that on Tuesday when he went to the hospital for his medical exam for the adoption his father was there picking up medication.  They talked and he promised that either he or his mother would come to his school on Wednesday.  She came and they talked.  They thought he had already been adopted to America and that was why they had not visited him.  From our first visit with him he has told us that he was told his mother had died a year ago.  He said he was so happy that she was not dead.  We were beyond happy to not have to locate a gravestone for him to visit.

As we talked on the phone each day we were gone he got closer to us and more anxious for us to return.  We had no idea his parents had surfaced.  He never waivers on the decision to be adopted into our family and just keeps getting closer and closer to us each day.  His is a tender, precious heart that loves deeply but he is so wise for his years to be able to sort this all out and deal with the emotions so rationally.  God is so amazing to know what he needed for closure and it has definitely drawn him closer to us.

The three siblings are growing closer each day as well.  They obviously all missed us and today they were around much more than before we left.  They had to wonder if we would return or if we could not face them to say goodbye and just left for good.  Hopefully this 4 day absence will be very beneficial for them being able to trust that we will do what we say we will.  And that we love them deeply.

They are all very appreciative and always say thank you for every handful of sunflower seeds or juice box given.  Today our new one thanked us for everything all day and at the end of the day he said, “thank you for everything.”  I responded, “we are so happy that God has made the way for you to be a part of our family.  Only God could have done it.  We are approved in the US for 4 children but when our dossier was approved before we left home they told us one, maybe two children if they are in the same orphanage.  They were very uncomfortable giving us the referral for the three siblings.  We had no idea how they would deal with the request for the fourth.  God made the way!”  He was amazed.

For several months it has been publicized that the SDA is closing June 13th.  While no one knows for sure this will happen on this date, as we understand they are not giving appointments for the dossiers being submitted now.  If this proves to be fact, this young man had a 27 day window to be adopted before it closes for an undetermined length of time.  Our referral appointments were dead center on his window…days 13 and 14.  We now see that the pressing of the Lord on that date last fall to begin our homestudy despite our unending list of things to do was for this young man to become our son.

Amazing Grace.  Just amazing.

Three of the children (the fourth passed on the opportunity) took a walk today and on the way back this newest one stopped and picked a dandelion fully seeded.  He held it up and said, “this wish is that all six of us will be very happy!” and he blew the seeds all over us all!!  We laughed and all agreed that was a great wish.

We are in awe of God’s orchestration of this entire journey.  He is so, so good to us!!  And our deepest prayer is that we will never miss an opportunity to tell our children what He has done in their and our lives.  On our way out of the country we will sit down with our facilitator in Kiev who has walked every step of this for 20 months and tell them all the whole story.  I will also write it up for their lifebooks.  We cannot forget.  Ever.

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4 Responses to On Our Way to Court

  1. Sally Healy says:

    Nor will I forget. Ever. This truly is an amazing story.

    The steadfast love of the Lord never fails, even when years go by and it seems prayers are not answered.

  2. Sally Healy says:

    And can I also add, what amazing timing, only the Lord could do it, that 4th boy was at the hospital and at the exact spot he needed to be at that precise moment to see his father. unbelieveable!!

    • Us says:

      This whole thing is surreal. God just keeps showing up and giving just what is needed. Beyond amazing. And so far beyond what my human wisdom would have thought best. But He knows and is working outside of me, for which I am so grateful. We truly are just along for the ride. We never have any idea what is coming next but ride along and enjoy the scenery.

  3. Amazing! It’s been a long time coming but these are beautiful words to hear and to witness I am sure. Definitely a time you will NEVER forget! Love you all!


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