A Wonderful Sunday

Today we worshiped with our friend who is leaving soon at his church in Donetsk .  It was a wonderful service.  We have learned much from them about how to be the church.  At the top of the list of core cultural values for the Ukrainian people is hospitality and helping others.  It carries into the church in a powerful way.  They are incredible and we are so grateful that they have chosen to love on us and include us as one of them.

This afternoon we joined the children for a trip to the Circus in Donetsk.  We are continually impressed with the many opportunities our children are blessed to experience thanks to the hard work of their teachers.  This was my first circus and it was great!!

~ A Permanent Circus ~

~ Amazing ~

We are doing well and looking forward to having our court hearing behind us this time next week.

We have never seen God work so intricately in so many different directions in our lives.  I am going to have to start journaling by the hour.  There is no way we will ever remember all the details when these days are past.

Please continue to pray for our friend.  He has traded his train ticket for May 31 which gives us 3 more days with him to which we sent up a praise.  It also allows more time for us to hopefully get him with our children to share his story, sing and hopefully make more shashleek!!

We love you all!!  Thank you and way beyond thank you for journeying with us.

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One Response to A Wonderful Sunday

  1. Kelly & Tori says:

    We’re still here. And you’re still there 🙂 Still praying…
    Let us know of specific prayers you may have.

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