Waiting and Praying

We are all doing well and praying for court on Friday.

Our expiring visas are the most pressing thing after court.  If our 10 day wait is required we will have to get an extension (which was met with opposition at first contact) or take a trip out of the country to Poland for an overnight stay.  The trip to Poland was not on our list of things we hoped to do, budgeted for or time we want to spend away from our kids, but if God wants us in Poland, we will go.  Please pray for wisdom in how God desires for us to resolve this issue.

We’re off to chapel at DCU this morning and then some shopping on this beautiful day!  We love you all, thanks for staying with us and continuing to pray and encourage us!!

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One Response to Waiting and Praying

  1. Christa Graham says:

    Amazing! I am so proud of you guys for standing firm in your commitment to what God called you to do. You are doing so with great focus on the One who called you, and for that, your time is more pleasurable than if you took your eyes off Jesus. (Don’t ask me how I know this!). But I know you miss the comforts of home and things familiar, not to mention your family back in the US. We are praying that things really will start to speed along and your whole family will soon be reunited on American soil.

    Christa in NC

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