Our court is tomorrow and as far as we know all is in order.  We will learn the time later today.

There is a sense of all having been accomplished here.  Each day we see another reason why the time is now to be headed home.  I have a rough cough and laryngitis and we are both struggling with a persistent sore throat.  Thankfully we both feel well.  There are many things that have been comfortable for the wait but now they are completed and we all need to move on. It feels like the time is now.

We learned yesterday that they refuse to grant an extension to our visas and if we will not be out of the country before June 12 we have to leave for an overnight and then return.  This expense and time away to go to Poland holds no appeal.  None.  So, we wait upon the Lord until we know the court ruling and then we will make plans on this front.

We would cherish your prayers for our fourth one, whose family all reappeared or were contacted last week.  He is grieving and so lifeless.  His is a tender heart and this is tough.  Really tough.  The seriousness and reflection shows on his face and in every step he takes.  We understand and are trying to reach out to him and it is hard to know what will meet his need best.  He has not expressed a change of heart about coming, he is just grieving leaving his friends and all familiar.  He is a smart, intuitive young man and he is likely working through here what most do not realize until they arrive home.  His loyalty and tenderness to those he loves is such a wonderful character trait.  It makes saying goodbye very hard but it will likely enable him to bond and attach to us and his new life with the same passion.

So, we watch and wait and pray for how God will work this out for everyone’s best.  Thanks for the prayers!!

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One Response to Tomorrow…

  1. Kelly & Tori says:

    Good morning! Yes, we will lift you up in prayer. I should think you would be ready to come home with your kids. You are winning the longest adoption in Ukraine award. Stay focused on the home stretch, this is where it begins to get very difficult for a variety of reasons. Keep praying, as we will right along side you. You now have a rich and deep appreciation for Ukraine that most do not get. Have a good day and take care of yourselves. You need some hot black tea and soup for the throat. Blessings, KC

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