Court at 11

Our court is scheduled for 11 am today.  That could be delayed waiting for the document required from the SDA but we are assured it will happen today.  And that all will be fine and we’ll be in the final stretch toward home.

It has been an awesome week with our kids.  The more time we spend with them the more we like each one of them.  They are so blessed with wonderful friends and a great home.  It may be harder for ours to leave than the ones who have a more miserable orphanage experience.  Hopefully it will be some easier that they have each other.  We’ve also learned they can take alot of their clothing so as much as they look forward to some new things that will be more of the familiar as they go to all things new.

We are in awe at God’s orchestration of timing and His clear direction that we prayed so fervently for in the early days of this journey.  There is no doubt that these four children are God’s kids for us.  From the time of the pregnancy with our daughter and the eight years following we all 3 struggled with Lyme disease until it was accurately diagnosed.  We grieved during those years that we had dreamed of having more children but spent them ill and in search of the answer to this mysterious illness that robbed us of most of a decade.  Each of these children were born in that 8 year time span and we are so grateful that, Lord willing, they will be our children very soon.

Adoption is much like a marriage.  First was the direction to the children God has for us and now the commitment.  Those of you who have followed this whole story know of the sibling group in Simferopol and the sisters who only wanted to “come for a few months and try it out” or “to help their brother”.  We told them that this is a lifetime family, not a hosting or exchange program.  A family was not their heart’s desire but it is for these four.  And for us.  Yesterday as we talked with the fourth one, who can communicate with us in English, we told him we are making the same commitment to him today that we have made to each other.  While we cannot promise that nothing will ever happen to us, as far as it depends on us, we are in for life and will support and be connected as his family even when he is grown and has his own family.  We will be there for him and always love him. He had been much more distant this week and seemed to be having a rough week.  Yesterday’s talk was great and he is definitely on the team and drew in much closer.

We are so happy that God’s incredible plan for their lives includes us.  We love each of them so much and will rejoice in the day that we can communicate in English directly to each of the other three as well.  They are sharp and picking it up quick…it won’t be long.  Translators are wonderful and God has sent the perfect one for each step of this journey but these deep feelings of the heart just need to be communicated one on one from one heart to the other.  That day is coming soon and we cannot wait!!

Thank you for your prayers and for sticking with us…what an adventure…what an Awesome God…what an incredible blessing each of these children is to us.  We love you all!!

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