Headed to Rome

Well…all efforts by many to contact those in high places to get an extension to our 90 day tourist visa stamp have been to no avail.  The answer is always the same…no extension will be given, we must leave the country for at least one night and return to get a new stamp for another 90 days.

We never cease to be amazed at how God brings just who and what we need when we need it.  Tonight we said goodbye and gave the gifts given for our friend departing tomorrow for mission work in Russia.  He was overwhelmed at God’s goodness through those of you who gave.  We are so grateful for the internet that will allow us to keep in touch in the years to come.  We parted with “dasvedanya” (see you later in Russian) not goodbye!!  We will see him again…not sure when or whether it will be on this side of heaven but it will be a sweet reunion when the Lord allows it.  He has been an incredible blessing to us, it is impossible to believe that it has only been 30 days since we met…he is one of those people that within an hour of meeting you feel like you’ve known him forever.  We are so honored to be counted as his friend and brother and sister in Christ. God has an incredible plan for his life and ministry.  We are delighted to partner in this journey and will keep you posted as we can and insure his safety.

Not 30 minutes later we went upstairs to return some borrowed items to a family who have been such a blessing translating for us in church and with the children.  They had taken an interest in our visa problem and talked about the options with those who had made calls.  They learned the same, no extension will be given, so planning a trip out of the country for this week was the pressing need of the hour.  They jumped into this and began to search online for every option and had some great ideas.  We always feel at a loss in this because of the language barrier but their encouragement gave us confidence and made it seem possible.

After an hour of both of us searching we came up with reasonably priced round trip airfare from Donetsk to Rome for this weekend, Friday –  Sunday.  He even offered to print the confirmation email from his office tomorrow and they did two loads of our laundry since the campus laundry is closed until Wednesday.  We are in awe of how God fills every need right on time.

If any of you have been to Rome or have any info on what to see and where to stay, we’d love the tips!!  It was not on our radar screen or in our budget but God said go, so again we will go.  We wonder who He has for us to meet in Rome?

We would appreciate your prayers for peace for our children as we have to be away these three days and for safe travels for us.  This will be our 7th airline flight since March 13 and when we return from this trip we will have logged number 10 and have at least the big one with our children back across the pond to go.  For folks who are extraordinarily content at home, this is definitely extraordinary.  The adventure and unfolding of this story never ends.  We truly are limp puppets in the master’s hand, watching and waiting to see what He brings to life.

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5 Responses to Headed to Rome

  1. Sally Healy says:

    WOW! No one who has adopted will argue that adoption is a roller coaster ride forsure, but geez! Now a trip to Rome thrown in too – you have been on the ride to end all rides!

    • Us says:

      We just said yesterday that God’s intention in our adoption does not seem to be luring others to do this!! He obviously knew that we needed this journey and the changing it would bring as well as what He has in store for these four kids. We are so honored and humbled to have been chosen for this adventure that never seems to end!!!!

  2. sam502w says:

    Trajan’s market was our favorite site and wasn’t very much of an admission price. Be very careful of pickpockets, don’t keep anything in your pockets (even front pockets)!
    There is a lot to see just walking around. Of course, walking around the Coliseum is a treat…be sure to eat gelato while you are there…excellent!

  3. karen says:

    wow. hope you can enjoy it! 🙂 you win an award….seriously!!

  4. Rhonda says:

    When I was in Russia adopting I had to go to Finland to get my visa renewed. It ended up being one of the best experiences and one I will treasure forever. When you allow God to drive you will be richly rewarded with the things he will show you. You all are obviously content to be his passengers and he will bless you.

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