~ New Sunglasses for the Guys ~

We had fun at the market today getting a few needed things for Vanya on this beautiful sunny day.  None of them had sunglasses so we had a blast picking out their favorites for the trip home.  These are two incredible young men, Vanya, 13, on the left and Alex, 15 on the right.  They are already bonded as brothers and have such a great time together.  We are so blessed!!

We enjoyed a sweet time with them and their friends on the playground when we returned.  This little one took up with Barney and talked and talked (in Russian, of course) and when I pulled the camera she leaned in to give this hug.  Melted my heart and I had to share this sweet moment.

~ Sweetness ~

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world…and has a special passion for the orphans, of any age.  These are precious days bonding with our children and preparing for our departure for home.  It has been an incredible journey…we will never be the same.  We cherish your prayers as we count down the days to home.

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One Response to Sons!!

  1. Sally Healy says:

    Does Barney know that boys are weird, make weird sounds and weird noises and smell? 🙂

    Totally wonderful picture!!!

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