Guitar Magnet

Have any of the rest of you noticed the magnetic pull of a guitar in the hands of a guy?  It is amazing and never fails.  I’ve been researching this since the mid-1970’s and it is timeless.

We had been looking for a chance to get our friend with his guitar and love for Jesus with our kids…that happened this weekend and it was all we had hoped it would be.

Nicole had just asked if she could take photos of the evening on our camera.  We were delighted with the treasures we found on our memory card of this wonderful time together.

~ With Nicole ~

~ Alex, Pavlina, Vanya and Nicole ~

~ Nicole ~

~ Pavlina ~

~ Alex ~

~ Vanya ~

We grilled shashlik, laughed, ate and sang of God’s love in Russian with our friend as we relished in the time together.  God is so, so good!!

We are planting seeds of the love of Jesus in their hearts at every opportunity.  We cherish your prayers for their hearts to be open to Christ and his unfailing love for them and that we will reflect Him in all we do, think and say.

I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.  I Corinthians 3:6

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3 Responses to Guitar Magnet

  1. Cindy Meiners says:

    What a blessing it is to be following you guys around!

    • Us says:

      And how blessed we are that you are traveling with us!! It is an awesome journey. We cannot wait for you to meet these four!!

      • Sarah says:

        Cutest kids!!! Pictures bring me back to my teaching days. Vanya is about the age of the kids I had in junior high. Those of us who taught together in an inner city school…a truly, truly special school…still recall those days as the highlight in our careers. It will be so much fun watching these four grow and learn…a continuation of the roller coaster ride. All the pictures are adorable. Thanks for those.

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