Better Than Perfect

We learned from American missionaries, Beth and Eric Yodis, at our Thank You party on Sunday, that Ukraine has excellent, very afforable eye care and therapy.  Corrective laser eye surgery was invented in this area of the world.  They have computerized laser diagnostic equipment that we don’t have in our area of the US.

With getting eye exams for each of them on the list of things to do soon after our arrival home we decided to get this done now while we wait.  It was great because the eye chart was in Russian, the doctor and assistants could talk with them in Russian and they were likely more at ease here.  We enlisted our DCU friend, Karina, who translates for us to make the appointments and accompany us to the doctor she uses in Makeevka.

Wow!!  We took Vanya and Pavlina yesterday and the place was amazing!!  Totally modern and so nice.  Today we took Alex and Nicole.  The doctor was so nice and kind.  We were so impressed!!

~ Waiting to be Called ~

~ The Russian Eye Chart ~

~ Checking Eye Pressure with Soft Wind ~

~ Laser Computer Diagnostic Machine Checks for Needed Correction ~

~ The Doctor had Alex look into Karina's Eye to See What He Sees - Cool!! ~

We were so delighted to learn that they all have better than perfect vision.  Amazing!!  That is the first thing checked off the list and with a great report.

And the price, $10 each for Pavlina and Vanya and $18 each for Nicole and Alex was another of God’s provisions on this journey.  We are in awe of how He fills each need and enables us to redeem the time.  Thank you Jesus!!





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