A Day in Rome

I have laughed at every stop along this journey at how so many things are the same that you wonder if you are really where they say you are.  We have enjoyed this wonderful Hilton Garden Inn hotel and gotten some much needed rest.  It could easily be in Louisville as well as Rome.

Mid-afternoon today we decided we needed to see something to say we’d been here so we struck out on the shuttle bus to the airport and then onto a shuttle into the city.  That all worked so well, we were feeling very confident and savvy in spite of the Italian language barrier.  We’re so accustomed to foreign language by now we hardly notice.  We stepped off the Metro Subway and up into day light and Wow…this is definitely Rome!

~ The Colosseum ~

We decided to purchase tickets for an open top tour bus that makes stops at all the major attractions and comes by every 15 minutes so we got those and made our way around the Colosseum to their marked stop to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  An hour and not one bus ever came.  We did meet a lovely young couple from Vancouver and enjoyed getting acquainted as we both waited for the bus that never came.  We finally ran out of time and requested a refund of our ticket cost but were refused.  We’ve emailed their customer service, we’ll see what happens.

We walked around the area of the Colosseum and found a lovely outdoor restaurant where we enjoyed dinner and gelato (ice cream) for dessert.

~ Barney's Pork Loin Dinner ~

~ Marie's Fettucine ~

~ Gelato - Delicious!! ~

~ A City of Fountains ~

We leave Rome tomorrow at 12:55 pm and arrive in Donetsk at 9:10 pm.  We are more than anxious to get back to our children and friends at DCU.  It will be a busy week with a kid-a-day and all the paperwork gathering but we cannot wait to move into this final season of the journey.  Acquiring needed documents can be more than a challenge so we would appreciate your prayers that it can be done without excessive delays or expense.  Thanks for staying with us…we’ll keep you posted!!


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One Response to A Day in Rome

  1. csclark626 says:

    Truly amazing! Praying for you all!


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