They Are Ours!!!

We got our passport petitions done this morning, raced through DCU to gather the party supplies and got to Prolisky at 2 pm.

Our Party Table

Our party table featured the Ukraine Flag Colors of light blue and yellow with Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, Homemade Cakes from Jim Parlow, Fruit Juice and Fabulous Fruit Smoothies and Mousse.

This lady offered to bring her super blender and make the smoothies and mousse…it was fabulous and the kids loved them!!  She made numerous varieties and the kids got cup after cup…it was great!!

~ Thank you for such a Special Treat!! ~

We had purchased digital cameras as gifts for them months before we left home and today was the day for that gift so they could photograph their party and friends.  They were so excited and had a great time with the cameras.

~ Alex having fun with his Camera, we were even taking photos of each other taking photos!! ~

They have a great tradition of passing a candle for each child being adopted and anyone who wants to say something about their memories or special thoughts about that child takes the candle and tells them.  It is so sweet!!  Larisa, one of their teachers, presented each of them with a framed photo from their earlier years.

Each of them got a turn…

~ Nicole's Passing of the Candle ~

~ Pavlina's Turn ~

~ Alex and Larisa ~

~ Vanya and Larisa ~

The party was grand…all fun and happy smiles and no tears!!

Alex, Dad and Andriy, being adopted by a family from Michigan who shared our party today ~

It truly was a celebration of the joy of these children and those who have loved them for us for so many years.  We are so thankful to each of you.

The kids called us this morning to ask what time they should tell their invited guests to come.  We were so happy that they were including others who have impacted their lives.  This lady is one…she gives her Sunday mornings to come to Prolisky to share the love of Jesus and stories from the Bible with them.  We are forever grateful to her…

~ Nicole and Alex with their dear Christian friend~

In perfect timing, 5:00 pm came and went without a notice so our 10 day wait is completed and no one can say no from here!  Praise the Lord!!  We’ve all persevered and trusted that God would prevail and for this season of the journey it is completed.

To kick off being their official parents, I’m feeling much like the mother of two sons tonight.  🙂  We were scheduled to have Pavlina tonight but her favorite caregiver was working for the last time before she leaves so she wanted to be there for the night.  She asked if she could change places with Vanya, who was scheduled for tomorrow night.  This caregiver is wonderful and we are so thrilled that she has been so loved by this dear lady and loves her in return.

~ Lilya and Pavlina ~

When I smiled and told her that would be fine, she burst into the most beautiful smile and jumped up and hugged me.  Thank you Lilya for truly loving the children!

A bit later Alex came to ask if he could go to the Soccer game at Donbass Arena tonight with his friend Andriy, also being adopted, his father and another of their friends.  A guys night at the football game, what a treat!!  When we went a month ago all we could think was how much he would have enjoyed it and how we wished we could have taken him with us, but it would not have been allowed at that point in the process.  Today he is ours and the director was approving this special occasion.  The other family is also staying at DCU so we asked Alex if he would like to stay with us for the night.  His face lit up and he instantly replied,  “Yes!”  When we got ready to leave he decided to go with us and have dinner and then link up with his friends.  We were delighted!!

We went by Amstore on our way home to get a rotisserie chicken for dinner, ran him through the shower and into his new clothes.  I love how appreciative these kids are.  He had been feeling rough on the way home but after the shower felt much better and came to give me a hug, say thanks and tell me the pain was gone.  He, Vanya, Barney and I all raced the clock working together to make a green salad, potato stuffed verinicky, and carve our chicken .  We got it on the table, thanked God for this wonderful day and he was fed and ready to go!  I had to think what good boot camp this was for me for what inevitably lies ahead.  Wheeee!!  But, I’ve never been happier to have a litter to care for.  God is so good!!  After we finished a leisurely dinner, Barney and Vanya headed out to play and are enjoying some soccer of their own, undoubtedly with a field full of children from DCU that bonded to Vanya two weeks ago when he was here. He is a kid magnet!!

So, there’s our first official day.  What a wonderful start to our new life together!!  Barney and Vanya are back and I’ve got the kitchen to clean up to be ready for an earlier day tomorrow.  Thank you for journeying with us…tomorrow our attorney will be on a wild run gathering paperwork and we are enjoying our last days in Donetsk with our dear friends.  Please continue to pray for our paperwork acquisition to be accomplished and for safe travels to Kiev on Saturday night and then back to the US ~ what looks like will be next Thursday, the 16th.   We love you all!!

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4 Responses to They Are Ours!!!

  1. sally healy says:

    What a wonderful first day. And welcome to the world of many children going a hundred different directions – it is totally wonderful!!!

    Hooray that all went well – from many perspectives. The Lord is good, all the time. 🙂

  2. alycia says:

    I have just discovered your blog! What an amazing story. Over Christmas we hosted a wonderful girl named Natasha from Makiiva–I believe she has just turned 13. My understanding is that she will be adopted by a family from Massachusetts which hosted her last summer. She is slim with long blonde hair. If you see her please tell her that Sasha/Kevin and his Mama and Papa miss her! Thank you!

    • Us says:

      Would you please write me at I’ll send you a photo and see if this is the same girl. If so, we’ve spent the last 10 weeks with her and would love to make the connection before we leave. She is being hosted again this summer. thanks!!

  3. Kelly & Tori says:

    Wonderful, wonderful news. All honor belongs to Him who made this all possible and laid out the path before you. I am very, very happy for you all. Kelly

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