No Court Decree Today but a Great Day

Our court decree was not issued today due to the judge being in a criminal case all day and unavailable to sign the decree.  Hopefully tomorrow morning. We have our first US Embassy appointment scheduled for Tuesday, June 14 at 11:00 am.  That afternoon will be medical exams for each child and then the final appointment on Wednesday to get their visas.  If all goes according to schedule we will be headed for the US on Thursday or Friday next week.

We have reserved a wonderful apartment in Kyiv that will be such a blessing in space and location with the Metro station very close for inexpensive transportation.  The DCU driver is scheduled to take us to the Donetsk train station on Saturday at 6 pm for our 7:26 train departure.

We had a great time with the boys today and were pleased when we got the call that there would be no paperwork today so we didn’t have to leave so early.  We had great fun with the Parlow’s for breakfast of sausage and egg biscuits and pancakes.  Jim plays Santa Claus and pulled out his coat and hat for some great laughs!!

~ Jim and Alex having fun with the Ho Ho Ho ~

An adorable kitten was the star of the show this morning…

Another great day with our kids!!  We cherish your prayers for getting the court decree and other paperwork done tomorrow.  It is laundry night and we’re having American meatloaf with baked potatoes for dinner with Pavlina who is staying tonight.  We are so blessed and so thankful for each of you!!

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