We Are Together as a Family!!!

Wow, what a day!!  We were heading to the shower this morning when we got the call from Alex, “the kids that did not go to camp today are being moved from our rooms upstairs to the smaller sleeping room downstairs and there is not room for us, we need to come to DCU to be with you.”  Wheeee!!  Good news…we were more than tired of the trip to the orphanage each day and even more weary of saying goodbye but expecting to have only him accompany us home today it was definitely a change in plans.  We started making phone calls and as is always the case, our angels at DCU flew in to the rescue.  We had the extra bedding we needed, a ride home in the DCU van with all their belongings, Jim Parlow making our dinner and everything lined out before we left for the day. God is so good!!

Our court decree and birth certificates are in hand and passports are ordered and should arrive either Friday or Tuesday.  Their date of arrival will determine when we can have our US Embassy appointment and travel home.

We made cards and decorated gift bags for the workers in their group and sorted nearly a decade worth of belongings to come home.

Here are a few photos of their last day as orphans and first day with a family of their very own…

~ Making Thank You Cards and Gifts for their Caregivers ~

~ Finished!! ~

~ Leaving as Sons and Daughters ~

~ Alex having fun with his camera on the ride home in the DCU van ~

~ Our First Dinner together as a family, thanks to Jim and Margaret Parlow ~

We are so grateful for your prayers.  The paperwork is behind us and we are officially family, and so amazed at God making the way each step of the journey.  There were many long days and even weeks that we thought we would go home alone.  It has been the most intense faith walk we’ve ever experienced.  We believe with all our hearts that our prayer from day one, “God’s will be done” has been accomplished.  We are in awe of His provision and timing in every detail.

We cherish your prayers in the coming days as we become a family of 7…the winter season of survival in the cold and dark season of the freeing is past and we are moving into spring where we will plant the seeds, water, fertilize, prune, weed and watch God give the increase.  It is our most earnest prayer that these four children will come to love Jesus with all their hearts.  For now we will be about the work of earning their trust and respect and giving limitless unconditional love as we strive to show the love of Christ to each of them.  We would especially appreciate your prayers for wisdom and opportunities to spend time alone with each of them every day.  It is critical that we develop a bond and relationship with each of them individually and that they know how special and treasured they are to us and to the Lord.

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5 Responses to We Are Together as a Family!!!

  1. Sarah says:

    I completed a response a couple of days ago, and somehow in the last line, it was lost!!! With my technological skills, imagine that!!! But I am so enjoying pictures of the kids. They are adorable. Isn`t Vanya the 13-year-old young man? He so reminds me of the seventh graders I taught and loved! He has a good-looking new haircut! That, too, is typical for his age. They all…you all…look so happy! A journey this long and with this outcome has to be the work of God. I know, and you know, that it won`t be a cake walk every step of the way. But all seven of your lives will be much nearer mountain-top experiences than they would have been without these four indescribable youngsters in them. Leading these kids to Jesus is something money can`t buy. With your Christian influence, the five of your children are destined to be winners!!!

    One more note. Not sure if this thought came through in another post. But I loved the picture of Alex, his friend, and Barney where one of the boys was doing the “devil sign” over the back of Barney`s head. This is proof that kids are kids no matter what their national origin. This also points up their comfort level already with him. Another sign of how well you`re working to bond with them and how God is nurturing that.

    I`m so happy and excited for you!. I continue to bug God to protect and guide all seven of you.


  2. Kelly & Tori says:

    We may be passing through the neighborhood last week of June and would love to meet you. More to follow via email. Anyway, God really is good, and so powerful. I thank God for what He has done in for all of you. KC

    • Us says:

      Oh, please do come!! Let us know the details and we’ll make it work. We’d love it!! The family of Christians who have or are adopting from Ukraine is amazing…and we are so blessed by your friendship and encouragement for so many months. What a delight to know we may meet you in person in a few weeks!!

  3. sally healy says:

    while i will continue to pray you home, i have to say that the picture of those kids walking out that green gate is almost more than i can bear. the praying is done. those kids have a family. a long prayed prayer has finally been answered. to God be the glory, great things He has done. I cannot say with words the joy that has filled my heart that those 3, no wait, those 4 are walking out that gate as sons and daughters.

    I am so thankful for you and Barney! YOU are the answer to that prayer, “God please, please, somewhere in the world would You please provide a family for these kids?” Amen.

    • Us says:

      Who’da thought it would be us? And in Louisville KY with you praying from near Boise Idaho. God surely works in amazing ways. I just showed Alex the original email from you today and told him the story and how God added him the third day after we arrived when we met him. We knew that day that he was the fourth child we felt led to add to that number when we sought our Immigration approval. We are so blessed by these four. They are just delightful…they laugh, especially at mealtimes, and we have the best time with them. The joy is contagious…we are so blessed. They are incredibly appreciative…it is amazing. Thank you for praying so God would call us…and this amazing journey would be a part of our life story. We are awed by it all.

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