The Train

The overnight trains in Ukraine are legendary.  From the first blog post I read almost 22 months ago I read about “the train”.  It is part of the experience.  Nearly everyone takes them from Kiev into the region to meet their children.  When we arrived in March there were no tickets available to Simferopol on the day we needed to travel.  So we traveled by airplane.  We’ve moved back and forth betweeen Kiev and a region many times and it has always been on short notice for appointments and no train tickets were available or we did not have the time for the slower train travel.  This time we knew 10 days ahead we could plan the trip and with six of us the financial savings were significant so we got tickets for the train.

Many of you have been concerned that we might spend 14 weeks here and never have “the train” experience.  Saturday night was the night and it was great fun!!  We loved it!  I learned that teen boys have great ideas for food! 🙂 We took a dozen hard boiled eggs, salt for them, a roll of sausage we sliced ahead of time, slices of cheese, a loaf of sliced bread, ham, juice boxes, loads of water bottles, peanuts in the hull, and everything else lingering in the cabinets and frig. I spent the day Saturday sorting and packing suitcases so we have most of them ready for the trip home.

Andre took us in the DCU van and our friend Nurlan went along to get us on the right train and compartments.

~ Nurlan and Alex ~

Forming a forever friendship with Nurlan and his family has been a highlight of our time in Donetsk.  Thank you Nurlan, Aygyl and Kamila, we love you!!  As we said, “see you later” everyone wanted a photo…

~ With Nicole ~

~ and Pavlina ~

~ In the Guys' Room with Vanya and Alex ~

~ The aisle to our compartments ~

~ We're on our way!"

The countryside outside Donetsk


~ Tea served in the Evening and Morning - Note the cute Train labeled Sugar Cubes!! ~

~ Dinner in the Guys' Room ~

~ We've Arrived - The Train Station in Kyiv ~

More to come about our time in Kyiv…thank you for traveling with us and praying for us.  It is far from over…we are just beginning the hard part of becoming a family.  We’ll keep you posted.

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One Response to The Train

  1. Sally Healy says:

    HOORAY FOR THE TRAIN! i *inserted* my name where you wrote that many were concerned you wouldn’t get the train experience. 🙂 Now you can leave Ukraine…and I’m so glad you enjoyed the tea service too, it was one of my favorite things. (and was the heat still on? did you need the wool blanket over the vent under the table?)

    I’m looking forward to your next post entitled, “We’re on our way home!”

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