First Day

We were surprised this morning when both boys were up a little after 7 and ready for breakfast in the hotel.  The girls awoke before 8 and joined us for a wonderful breakfast.  I had been concerned about whether they would enjoy the American food but they all ate well and a great variety.  They really try hard in this area and so far, none of them show tendencies of overeating.

I left them all watching The Blind Side and caught the hotel shuttle to the nearby mall.  I was delighted to find a few much needed summer clothing items on a good sale.  It was quite an experience to be back in an American store.  I catch myself every time I start to ask a question and have to remind myself that communication with this person will be possible.  We are so conditioned to not being able to take care of our own business that it is taking some adjustment.

We all went to the grocery store and stocked the refrigerator with juice, fruit, a rotisserie chicken and potatoes for dinner.  Last night one of the girls got sick on the way to the hotel.  Today’s 5 block ride to the store caused it to return and Alex was feeling sick too.  Ugh…it is hard to see them feel rough with so much to deal with emotionally as well.  We fixed sandwiches for lunch and she got sick again.  This must be a bug.  We had planned to all go into DC and do the Tourmobile through Arlington Cemetery this afternoon but with these two not up for it we altered the plan for Barney to take the other two to the Air and Space Museum.  The three of us have enjoyed a quiet afternoon of Fireproof, golf, baseball, NASCAR, baseball…you can tell who has the remote!! 🙂

It is great to see them rest and be content with a quiet day for their first day in our family in America. We don’t lie around doing nothing at home but there is so little to do here that mindless rest is the only option so after a 20 hour trip yesterday we’re taking it easy today.

~ Alex taking in Baseball on his First Day in America ~

Hopefully these two will be back up and running tomorrow and we’ll be out and about seeing the sights.  We are working on travel arrangements home on Tuesday or Wednesday.  We’ll keep you posted as we make final decisions on a rental van or airline flight.  Thank you so much for your prayers for safety in travel and our transition to home.

We are trying to be very intentional and consistent in our parenting.  We do not watch TV at home and knew that there would be great lure with three of them in this apartment.  We told the boys no TV in their room but did not get it communicated to the girls who are sleeping on the sofabed in the living area.  This morning Barney found it on and took the conversation about why we do not watch it to Philippians 4:8.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

They have wasted so many hours for so many years and often filled the hours with things that were far from pure, right and true.  We are also talking about making good use of your time, even your downtime, as there are so few years before they will have jobs and little time to focus on learning.  One of our most frequent instructions will be, “use your time productively and make the best choice of what you give your limited time.”

So far…all is great!  They are resting and eating well, gentle in spirit, kind to us and each other and it feels like they have always been…that is the most miraculous thing I’ve seen since Barney and I married.  Our adjustment to married life was non-existent, it was as if it had always been.  These four kids are the same, they are comfortable, family, and so easy to share life with.  I can’t explain it other than they are God’s kids for us miraculously born into our family in this incredible way…and we are so thankful!!


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