Four New American Citizens!!

What an incredible day!!  The kids did great…they are beyond amazing and our heroes for their courage.  We arrived at Dulles in Washington DC a few minutes after 8 pm, spent about an hour getting through Immigration and Customs and were on our way to the hotel.  We’re settled in, the kids dove for the bed since it was 7 am by our body clocks, and we are all so grateful.

They are with us, American citizens, under our care and we are so grateful.  God’s provision these 95 days has been beyond measure.  Thank you Jesus!  We will sleep late tomorrow and then make a plan to see the city.  We thank you for your prayers for traveling mercies, God definitely answered.

We’ll be in Louisville in a few days.  We’ll keep you posted as to our plans.   God Bless!!

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4 Responses to Four New American Citizens!!

  1. Sally Healy says:

    I feel a little like sobbing right now. Marie I am so happy and soooo thankful. May God bless you as you begin being a real family. Enjoy your stay in DC!

  2. Lynn Loecher says:


    I was wondering if you liked it so much there you just were going to stay, but Tim’s take on it is they liked you so much they didn’t want you to leave. I guess that is because they could see JESUS’s light shining through you. Glad you are on the U.S. soil. Can’t wait to hear more.

    Love ya have fun

  3. Kelly & Tori says:

    AWESOME!!!! Congratulations! How exciting. Our best, McCoys

  4. Us says:

    I thought I was going to lose it when that plane lifted off the ground in Kyiv. I was surprised at the depth of my feelings. I fought back the tears because I knew the kids would not understand but I wanted to just weep. There were at least 6 weeks that we thought we would come home alone. To see all SIX of those seats filled was overwhelming. God is amazing and he has done a miracle here beyond any I have ever seen.

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